Monday, 21 October 2013

My New Valley

I know you'd all love to see some more photos of the house, but until it's looking a bit more presentable I thought I'd share some more photos of the wonderful scenery we've found ourselves in.  One Sunday, we woke early and decided to drive up the mountain that our house sits below to see the sun rise.  It's only a three minute drive, but it's a very steep hill, so it would take you a while to trudge up it!

At the top of the mountain, you can see up and down the Rhondda valley, and across the golf course to the hills and mountains surrounding the other valleys that run South, where they converge into one like tributaries to a river.  The views are breathtaking - see what you think.

My Baby was talking to an elderly local man recently, who was telling him about how much the landscape has changed since the closing of the coal mines.  The gentleman remembered the Rhondda Valley when the hills used to be literally grey - covered in fine coal dust - and were relatively bare, as many of the woodlands we see today hadn't been planted then.  Today the landscape is incredibly green, and despite how the towns have sprawled out, and the addition of things like radio masts and wind turbines, the Rhondda's looking good and I'm very happy to call it home.


  1. You lucky thing! Beautiful pictures, what a view.

  2. These photos are very beautiful. I especially love the one with the spiderweb on the fence - it feels like a scene out of a movie or the cover image on a book about serenity.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow! What glorious photos! I especially LOVE the fourth up from the bottom! It's so perfect.



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