Friday, 4 October 2013

The Pierhead Building

The Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay is an imposing, orange bricked Victorian affair that once housed offices related to the coal trade.  Grade I listed, I've often marvelled at the exterior but had never been inside until a month or so ago during the Harbour Festival.

Originally built for the Bute Dock Company in 1897, it became the administrative office for the Port of Cardiff in the late 1940s.  The architect was William Frame, who was mentored by William Burges - the architect in charge of rebuilding Cardiff Castle and the fairytale fantasy that is Castell Coch.

The outside is impressive, but just have a look at my photos of the beautiful windows and amazing tiling on the inside!

The clerks coming to work in such an imposing building must have felt very proud and important!

If you're ever in Cardiff for the Harbour Festival I'd recommend it, there's so much to wander around and see down Cardiff Bay, and the catamaran and sail boat races are pretty spectacular.  There were also nice people wandering around handing out free samples of Cornish ale Doombar - an agreeable drink!


  1. I went round there in the spring, it is a wonderful building. Rather nicer than today's office buildings, that's for sure.

  2. Those tiles, my stars, they're stunning. Such a warm, vibrant shade of tealy-turquoise. I'd love to have a wall bedecked with ones just like them in any room of my house (or even just a few to use as an accent somewhere, if a whole wall wasn't possible). This is such a grand, elegant building, and I greatly enjoyed seeing it (thank you).

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow, What a beautiful building, so much beauty in one place. Love your face in this last photo, dear Porcelina.

  4. When I first moved here a couple of years ago I lived in Cardiff Bay 5 minutes from that, I've never been in, in fact I never knew it was open to wander around! Looks lovely, will have to go take a peek sometime!


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