Friday, 27 December 2013

A Louis Vuitton Copy Dress for Christmas Day

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?  I do hope so, and can't wait to see what you wore, ate and what presents you got!

This was my outfit for Christmas day, a £28 Matalan dress that has hung with the tags on at the back of my wardrobe for some years now!  The shoes are a Christmas present to myself, the 'Concert Ticket' from Clarks in red suede, now on sale for £34.99.

Christmas day dress Louis Vuitton copy

I was obsessed with Louis Vuitton's wonderful vintage inspired Autumn Winter collection back in 2010, and so when I saw the same style dress in Matalan I had to snap it up!  Do you remember the collection?

What did you all wear for Christmas day?  And have you ever got hold of a cheap copy of a designer dress you admired??


  1. Very nice dress, such a lovely shape. I bought those shoes in the sale, been on the hunt for some comfy heels for ages.

    1. Thanks Gem! They are indeed very comfy heels, I would like them in other colours, maybe black patent leather?? Need something a bit more practical than suede for the wild Welsh weather!!
      Hope you had a good Christmas lovely xx

  2. Cute dress!!

    My Christmas day outfit was far less glamorous I'm afraid. I spent the entire day in pajamas. We did our family visiting the day before, so Christmas day was just spent relaxing at home. (I hate "wasting" good clothes if I'm not leaving the house)

    1. Christmas is all about what you want it to be, so I'm glad that you had a version of Christmas that made you happy!

  3. What a smashing dress! I too was smitten with that particular collection. Every now and then (and in the case of Dior, more often than that) a designer will put out a collection whose lines are so strikingly mid-century that it's impossible not to yearn for a least one or two of them - or inspired pieces from other brands, such as this terrific dress.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Hey Porcelina, I love your dress so much. You look super cool and stylish in this floral print that perfectly tones with skin color. I am also crazy about Louis Vuitton dresses.


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