Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Vintage Breakfast

Vintage Breakfast

Don't keep your vintage china for best - use it!  I spent the time on the weekend to make myself a proper breakfast (rather than something shoveled in at my desk) and it tasted so much better being off vintage china, and being eaten at my lovely refurbished dining table.  Yes, those are Angel Adoree's coddled eggs - perfect with some chives and bit of hot sauce.

Do you use your vintage china everyday?


  1. So very true - food really does have a fascinating ability to taste even more delicious when eaten off of beautiful china.

    Big hugs (the first from my new computer :)),
    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a lovely looking breakfast! Most of my vintage china is in the form of teacups, which I tend to only use for special occasions and which no one else is allowed to use. I'd probably use them more often if they held more tea, but compared to my normal mug they seem so tiny!

    1. They did have small portions of tea back then, personally I need a vat when I wake up in the morning, so a large mug does the trick. Later in the day I like to have a teacup, especially if you're sharing a pot.


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