Friday, 31 January 2014

French Fashion: Promod

Do you like French fashion but find brands like Compton des Cotonniers too pricey?  I felt I needed an injection of French style the other day, so headed to Promod, which is in selected Debenhams and also available online.

Last year I met the manager of the Cardiff range at a little reception for bloggers, and all of us were impressed with the prices, but more importantly the quality.  Some of the line is quite quintessentially French, lots of greys, blacks and whites, but there's also a folky edge to some of the range, and some glitzy numbers too.  Many items have lovely embellishments or details, such as beading, piped edges, embroidery or laser cuts, and this attention to detail doesn't always come across on the website.  Many of their jumpers have a touch of cashmere, angora or wool, rather than being plain acrylic as you often get with the lower price point, and the cut of the clothes has obviously been paid attention to.  I am fairly picky when it comes to fabrics and quality, as I rarely buy things brand new these days, but the other night I found myself excitedly heading to the changing room with an armful of clothes to try on.  It helped that the items were all heavily discounted in the sale - you'll also find discounts of up to 71% online if you aren't anywhere near Cardiff, or their other shops within Debenhams at Manchester, Glasgow and London Oxford Street.

First of all, let me show you a few items that I particularly liked the look of, because of their classic styling that would work well for creating vintage looks from the high street.  I thought this lovely wrap blouse (£13.50 from £34.95) with shoulder detail was quite 1940s (stick some shoulder pads in to heighten the effect) and their range of 1920s style dresses was really quite startling (alas they seem to have sold out online, but in the Cardiff branch they had rails of them!).

I also liked the look of this kimono dress, £34.50 down from £69.95.

The items new in (not on sale) also carry through the same sort of dropped waists, and draped blouses.  I like the look of this navy dress that would work well for a 1920s daytime look (£34.95).

I think that's what I like about French fashion, the reworking of classic styles that don't really date.  The blouse above would work with a modern look, paired with some slim black trousers, just as much as it would with a 1950's style pencil skirt or wide-legged 1930's style trousers.  And the dresses could easily work for a number of different looks depending on what shoes you chose, and whether you wore tights or layered items underneath or on top.

I have been trying to branch out with my style recently, noticing that I tend to do vintage looks for evening more and have been keeping it a bit more mixed up and modern for day.  I have a few poor quality changing-room snaps of what I ended up buying, and what I left behind.

Bought - white embroidered blouse, £10, and graphic print skirt, £7

Bought - white neck detail blouse, £15

Bought - red embroidered blouse, £10

Bought - black embellished flapper dress, £15

Left - grey cotton slouch jumper, £8.50

Left - red flapper dress, £10

I'm regretting leaving the grey jumper behind because I think it would be really useful, but I definitely didn't need TWO flapper dresses, and the detailing on the black one was much better.  The items I bought will feature in blog posts soon, with vintage styling and much better photos!  I particularly need to show you the beading on the red top, it's really beautiful.

Have you heard of Promod?  Do you buy from any other French fashion brands?  What do you like about them?

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  1. hi porcelina!
    never heard of that brand, maybe they´r not in germany. but i happened not buying new produced clothes since years. it started because of the bad fit on my not so bad figure. after a while you don´t miss the high street. (except for underwear and hosery). being able to make patterns and sew helps a lot, the rest is vintage. btw - the vintage clothes fits me mostly like a glove - something went wrong with the measurements the last 20 years.
    i like what you picked - first of all the white work blouse and that flapper dress!!!
    happy weekend :-)

    1. You're very clever being able to sew, I can do some basics but I am not skilled enough to make my own clothes on a regular basis! The levels of stress aren't worth it for me!! You're right though that a good fit can be such a tricky issue on the high street, it's so hit and miss. I know generally what brands work and which ones don't and also what styles to avoid, so it's much less painful than it used to be, but I still go high-street shopping rarely. Thanks for stopping by! P x

  2. Though one can find them here and there in Canada, especially in the province of Quebec and at higher end boutiques throughout the country, I can't honestly that I've bought much in the way of French clothing over the years. It would be great if more relatively affordable brands like this would cross the bond, say bonjour, and set up shop.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Your style of writing always makes me smile Jessica - brands saying 'bonjour', love it! It's funny that you don't have more affordable French style fashion in Canada, I thought that there would be a lot more influence. P x


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