Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Quickfire Questions with Angel Adoree of the Vintage Patisserie

I recently reviewed Angel Adoree's third book, The Vintage Sweets Book (click here to read my review) and approached Angel to answer a few quick questions for me.  Founder of the Vintage Patisserie, a particularly creative and high quality tea party business, Angel has gone on to create a strong brand with her books.

The fabulous Angel Adoree
Photo credit: The Vintage Patisserie

Three quick questions and their answers:

1.    Was creating 'The Vintage Sweets Book' a labour of love or did you ever become fed up with making sweets?

Gosh no…You can’t write a book or run a business without full dedication, love and passion for your subject!  I never tire from creating and never get fed up with making… it’s my vice!

2.    What sweet recipe from your book should the complete novice start with?

There is a whole chapter at the start of the book called ‘Sweet Beginnings’.  This is of course where you should start!  Simple recipes including Turkish Delight, Parma Violets, Fudge.. many which don’t even require a sugar thermometer!

3.    What can we expect from your next book?

This is a hard one as this is the third and probably final book in this series.  I’ve shared all my secrets now on Tea Parties and sweet things!  And unless I can make something amazing I won’t do it! I’m about to have another baby in a couple of months, so I’m taking some time being a mum and working on a new project called “Angel Adores”.  So watch this space.. I’ll be back and when I do it will be with a bang!!

I for one will definitely be watching this space and longing for Angel to bring out a cocktail book!


  1. Terrific Q&A sessions - it's always so very nice to get to know vintage related authors better.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Great post!! Thanks for the info!



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