Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What I Got for Christmas!

I'm a bit late in sharing this, but I had some wonderful gifts this year.  First of all was this Lindy Bop dress - I've always wanted an American diner type dress, and this fits the bill!  I love the heart shaped buttons, aren't they cute?  I hope the weather improves soon, so I can wear it.  We've had more hail, gales, and sideways rain.

I also had some great books - cook books, a Miss Marple short story collection, and a Ginger Rogers biography.  Still on the cooking theme, I had a lovely glass cakestand, and it's not pictured, but a cast iron Le Creuset type oven dish (at the time of photographing, it was in the oven containing a beef and red wine casserole!).  Other treats included Rose hand cream, Sailor Jerry's rum, 'The Artist' (which I am yet to see) and some gardening bits.

What treats did you all get for Christmas?

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  1. Fantastic holiday haul! I've heard really good things about that Ginger book. The Artist is beguilingly awesome. I really hope you adore it as much as Tony and I both did.

    ♥ Jessica


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