Monday, 27 January 2014

Where to Find Me

There is a veritable web of social media these days, so let me guide you through the sites I use.

Avenue 57
This is a website where ordinary women upload their everyday outfits.  I like this website because there's a spread of styles, ages, sizes and body shapes, and there's a very encouraging atmosphere where everyone looks for positives.  I've tried a few daily outfit websites, but this one suits me best, as a lot of the others have a very young demographic and the fashions can be a bit outlandish in a Japanese street-style way!  You'll see on this website that I don't wear top to toe vintage everyday, but often mix vintage with modern.  I'm also following the "New Year, New You Style Challenge" set by Modern Mummy, so that makes it a bit more fun too! Find me here.

I'm pretty new to this site but I hope to build up a bit more of a profile on here.  I do like the ease of reading others' blogs through it, much easier than through Blogger, as you can categorise things.  Click here to see my Bloglovin profile.

I don't have a 'page' for my blog, but I have a profile as Porcelina, and you can find it here.

I find this site a real godsend for keeping track of my reading.  Before, I was using a little alphabetised notebook that was quite the mess of scribbles, and I could never recall which Agatha Christie's I'd read.
I am on the site as Porcelina, and am a member of the Vintage Book Group.  I'd love to find some more people to connect with on here, as I love discussing a good book.

I'm relatively new to this too, and am not sure I completely understand how it works!  If you use it, please link up to me here.

I use Pinterest to load pictures from my blog, from outfit posts to home decor, but I also use it as a personal scrapbook of inspiration for interiors, outfits, food and more.  If this interests you, then you can find me on Pinterest here.

Finally, you can find my Twitter account here.  Again, it's relatively new, but I have started using it a bit more and enjoy linking up to other style bloggers on this site.

Do you use any sites not mentioned here?  What would you recommend?  Do let me know, I feel I'm a bit of a novice in this area!


  1. Great minds! I've been thinking for months now that I should do a post like this myself, too. I'm not active on a zillion social media sites, but it wouldn't hurt to let folks know again where they can find me outside of my blog. I haven't heard of Avenue 57, but will definitely be looking into it.

    One new social media site geared towards vintage folks that I've recently joined and am enjoying so far is called Vintagers. Worth checking out if you haven't already.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Off to check out Vintagers right now!

      I did see someone else do a post like this, and I thought it was a good idea, so I can't take the credit for it.

      Thank you,
      P x

  2. Oh thank you so much for a lovely mention!! I love A57 for the very fact that there is a little community there and like you say, everyone is different and friendly.

    Off to stalk you on some other social media platforms!

    Avenue 57

    1. Well it's true!

      I look forward to your stalking, ha!
      P x

  3. Hi Porcelina, thank you for your comment in my blog.
    You have totally enlightened me as I had never heard of Avenue 57!

    1. You're welcome, I love seeing your looks! P x


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