Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Q Fine Fragrance Body Sprays

Chances are, when I say 'body spray', you might think of Impulse or Charlie - those are certainly the brands from my teenage years that come to my mind.

A few brands, such as Ted Baker, have tried to come up with a more glamorous version, but they've not quite hit the mark - at £5.50 for 100ml, perhaps it's more money than people are willing to part with for a body spray, perhaps they'd rather just spend a bit more and get a proper perfume, or just get a bit of Impulse for 99p.

Allow me to introduce 'Q', a range of fine fragrance (read 'grown up') body sprays at an affordable price (£2.29 in Boots and Sainsbury's).  There are three fragrances to choose from - Awe, Radiance and Balance - and they use scents such as rose, bergamot and peony, which appeal to the vintage loving side of my nature.  The packaging is simpler than other body sprays, which adds to the grown up feel of them.

Here's a bit more detail about the individual fragrances:
Awe - A fresh chypre fragrance with a citrus floral aroma opening with top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon followed by a green tea accord. The floral heart is dominated by a Summer freesia bouquet supported by a rich smooth background of cedarwood, amber and musk.  Is similar to Dolce and Gabbana's 'Light Blue'.

Radiance - A modern sophisticated floral with top notes of champaka flower, mandarin and ivy leading onto a heart of rose, violet and exotic orchid. The base consists of wild plum and blackberry musk.  Similar to Dior's 'J'Adore'.

Balance - A fruity floral fragrance which is bright & flirtatious, opens with radiant bergamot & pear blossom, the romantic heart is conveyed with pink peony, stargazer rose & luminous orchid, on a sensual base of forbidden woods & crème de musk.  Reminds one of Bulgari.

I don't personally own any Bulgari or Dolce fragrances, but I do have 'J'Adore', so in a very unscientific way, I tested out 'Radiance' versus 'J'Adore', and got the other half's opinion as well.  They are indeed complementary to each other, that was the consensus from both of us.  The OH added that the perfume is obviously sweeter, and more subtle.  I think generally what this means is that these body fragrances aren't going to 'fight' with any perfume you're already wearing, the way that some cheaper body sprays can.  Nobody wants to smell of 'fumes'!

Q has a website, here, but I really think that it lets the product down as it doesn't look at all 'grown up', rather more like advertising for a protein shake or a gym?  Apparently there's also a 'Q' for men (with fragrances 'Invigorate', 'Courage' and 'Renew'), but I haven't tried them so can't comment on those.

Overall I think these are smartly priced, very good value, and do indeed offer a 'grown up' alternative to those cheaper body sprays!  I'll be popping one in my desk drawer in work, one in my gym bag, and one in my car.

Do you use body spray?  What do you look for in one?

I was sent these products for reviews, but as always, views are my own!


  1. Lovely review - I'd certainly try these after having read it, especially since I find myself very drawn to grownup floral scents. I don't generally use body sprays as most I've tried over the years have troubled my sensitive skin, but if I lived in the UK, I'd be more than happy to invest in one of these for just 2.29 pounds and hope for the best.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Sounds like some gorgeous scents! Not seen them around before so I must keep my eye out when I next pop into the shops.
    Here's to a fabulous weekend!
    May x

  3. So I received one of these in the Belfast Fashion Week goodie bag and I honestly wasn't expecting to like it but I do! I have actually been using it every's such a lovely fresh fragrance. Nice to read more about it as I had never heard of the brand before, Ax


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