Sunday, 6 April 2014

Beauty Roundup, April 2014

I have been wanting to do a beauty product roundup for a while, from the point of a vintage-loving girl, and  have finally summed up the courage to do a little video!  I'm doing a text summary below the video for those of you who can't watch them due to the restrictions of technology or location, so you can still see which products I liked and which ones to avoid.

The products that feature in the video are shown in the pic below.
Featured brands: Giorgio Armani, Korres, Berdoues, Dr Hauschka, Lavera and Mac

And here's the video!  As it's my first one, all constructive criticism is welcomed, I hope that videos will become a regular feature of my blog so I'm keen to learn any tips you might have.

The vintage loving girl may well tend to like classic scents, such as violet, rose, magnolia etc.  I tested out these products with classic fragrances:
Korres Wild Rose brightening eye cream, SPF 15 (£19 from Beauty Expert) - greasy, have been using at night rather than day.  No visible effects, but a nice product.
Dr Hauschka Rose day cream (£28 from John Lewis) - heavy duty, the only cream I've found that can beat the cold Welsh winters!  Super effective, sinks in to skin and forms a barrier against the elements.
Lavera Wild Rose day cream (£14.90 from Love Lula) - a good, affordable alternative to the Dr Hauschka cream.  Not quite as moisturising but still great compared to your average product.
Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse soap (was £22.50 at M&S, sold out, but can purchase single soaps at £8.50 each) - the most wonderful scent of violets from this set of 3 fine soaps presented in a mini hatbox.  Covetable.

One thing the vintage loving girl is never without is red lipstick.  I tried out two different ones:
Mac lustre lipstick in Ladybug (£15 from Mac) - terrible longevity.  Nice sheer red with hint of orange, can build up intensity of colour.  Found it feathered slightly and wore off almost instantly.
Giorgio Armani satin lipstick in 400 (£26.50 from Debenhams) - my new favourite red lipstick!  A true 1950's red, with a hint of pink.  Lasts the whole night.  Super hydrating.

Have you tried any of these products yourself?  How did you get on with them?  Are you tempted to buy any of these?

I hope this first attempt at a video wasn't too painful for you all to watch!

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  1. The Armani lipstick looks like something I need. :)

    1. Worth treating yourself to, do it! Would love to see it on other skin tones and colourings. Thanks for stopping by! P x

  2. I don't know if it's any cheaper but Holland and Barrett sell Dr Hauschka, or the one in Oxford does but it did incorporate a Neal's Yard so they might not sell them in all their shops.
    Talking of French beauty items. I used to love Yvez Rocher products but sadly they have opened a factory in China where there are no animal testing bans, basically companies move their creative departments out there so they can test products on animals because it is cheaper! Since finding this out I have chosen to stop buying their products.

  3. I salute and commend your bravery for putting your first (absolutely lovely) video out there. It's something I very much want to do myself as well, but am still working up the gumption needed to reach that point.

    ♥ Jessica


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