Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Literary Notes: Anais Biguine's 'Junky' Perfume

A rather unique perfume offering today; from Jardins D'Écrivains comes 'Junky', a scent for both men and women, created by Anais Biguine and inspired by the novel of the same name by Beat Generation writer William Burroughs.  It's described as "unashamedly different" and I have to agree that I haven't sniffed anything remotely like it on the high street.  So much so, that I wasn't sure I liked it on the first inhale.  It was just a bit odd.  (I felt the same way when I first heard some of Burroughs' spoken word recordings.)  I took the plunge and squirted it on my skin, where somehow, after a minute or so, the odd first scent mellows into something heady and addictive.

Junky Jardins d'Ecrivians

It turns out that I actually really like it, it's definitely one that has grown on me, despite that initial uncertainty.  I am not a perfume expert, and lack the vocabulary, so for those of you a bit more technically minded when it comes to scent, here are the 'notes':

Top notes : Hemp - Rosewood - Galbanum
Middle notes : Iris - Violet - Gardenia
Base notes : Cashmeran - Cedar - Javanese vetiver - Sweet myrrh Frankincense - Cade - Moss

I think it's a neat concept for fragrance, though they haven't taken it too far yet, with just a handful of other releases, such as 'Wilde' and 'Gigi'.  I like to imagine all of the other possibilities of fragrances based on books.  What would 'Rebecca' smell like?  Or 'The Great Gatsby'?

What book would you love to be interpreted in a fragrance?

Junky is available here from Jardins D'Écrivains for 85 Euros.  I was sent a sample size fragrance for review, but as always, views are my own!


  1. It's an interesting idea... but one I just can't get my head around! I just feel like all classic works of literature should smell 'old'. And I've supposedly got a degree in lit, so that's probably appalling ;)

  2. I like this idea! I'm pretty bookish. My go-to perfume is In the Library. Notes of leather! I love it....but when I first smelled it in the bottle, I wasn't sure about it. On me, though, it's great. Now I love when I get a whiff of it from my wrist during the day. And my boyfriend likes it because it's not floral. (My other favorite is SJP Lovely...when I wear that, he tends to pause and say, "You smell different." I don't think he means good different.)

  3. Oh, now this struck a chord with me for sure. I was so incredibly, head-over-heels, never the left the house without one of their books, in love with the Beat writers when I was a teenager, so a scent named after one of Burroughs' most famous novels would definitely warrant a try in my (fittingly :)) books. Thank you very much for the splendid introduction, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ohh that sounds like a sexy scent, Porcelina! Love the gorgeous bottle!


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