Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn Vintage Inspired Wishlist

I've been getting wardrobe inspiration from the Autumn colours recently.  Wandering around my parents' garden I noticed that as well as the usual oranges, browns and deep reds that we all associate with the season, there were also shades of silver, lilac and sage greens.

A vintage inspired clothing retailer I return to again and again - mostly windowshopping - is 20th Century Foxy.  Their range just gets better and better.  Here are my top picks of what I would buy if I had the money this Autum.

Warm colours - orange, brown, red, yellow

20th Century Foxy Autumn Colours

From top left: 1960s Jackie O Dress (£105), 30s Tie Neck Blouse (£48), 50s Boat Neck Dress (£74), 50s Pencil Skirt (£50), 1940s Shirt Dress (£95), 1940s Swing Trousers (£62)

I own two pairs of those swing trousers, one in black and one in navy, and they are very hard working in my wardrobe.

autumn montage 2

Cool colours - silver, lilac and sage

20th Century Foxy Autumn Colours

From top left: Sweetie Tie Top (£45), 50s Boat Neck Dress (£89), Foxy Lady Wiggle Dress (£130), 30s Style Swagger Dress (£135), 30s Tie Neck Blouse (£48), 1950s Swing Dress (£120)

Autumn 2014

My Dad works really hard at the garden, and it shows - there's an amazing selection of plants and trees.  Growing up I used to spend hours painting watercolours of the flowers.  Do any of these take your fancy?  Have you shopped at 20th Century Foxy?


  1. I like the 1930's inspired wiggle dress from the second collection, it's nice and fit for autumn. I haven't bought from 20th Century Foxy, but it looks like a nice shop with different kind of selection on fabrics and clothing models. Some shops have all the same clothes and pretty much nothing new, but that one had lots of stuff I hadn't seen before so thank you for sharing the link here. It's always nice to find new shops with different selections on vintage styled clothing.

  2. This wishlist is positively drool-worthy! There is not a single garment I wouldn't snatch up myself. I love how you've drawn parallels between the garden and fall fashion. It's such a beautiful garden!


  3. Splendidly pretty selections! I love the you created warm and cooler palettes, as I often do that with fall and winter fashions as well. The Sweetie Tie Neck Top in particular is making me swoon here. If only it wouldn't cost a small fortunate to get it here to Canada. The colour, the cut, the curve hugging-ness, it's all so appealing (and tempting! :D).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oooh...I love the polkadot blouses and that red wiggle dress.


  5. Love your autumn pairings! <3 And I love your picks! My favorites are the 1930's inspired polka dot tops, the red 1940's shirt dress, the 1940's swing trousers, and the 1930's style swagger dress!

  6. Some stylish pieces here for sure, but eek! So expensive! I've seen original 50s pieces for quite a bit less at vintage fairs and markets. Lovely pics of the garden. xxx

    1. Yes, they can be pricey - hence me mainly 'window shopping'! I think the trousers are really good value, but I agree that the dresses in particular can be quite expensive. I never manage to find decently priced 1950s and earlier vintage though, it's usually all of the later stuff.

  7. I've not bought anything from them before, largely because I'm a bargain hunter and they don't have enough sales for my liking ;) they are also quite faithful to eras with what they sell, which is less of what I go for really, as you know. But that's not to say the pieces aren't beautiful, because they are! CC x

  8. I really enjoyed that post, loving the autumnal true colours of nature with the trends, I love that 50s pencil skirt, that would be wonderful for christmas!

  9. I'm absolutely in love with polka dots ... in any outfit in any color, any size ... Love your wish list ....

  10. I haven't shopped at 20th Century Foxy, but I do browse their website. How do you find the trousers? I hanker after a pair of swing trousers but am not sure if they work on big-waist, small-hipped apple bodies!


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