Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Working Wardrobe

The light at this time of year is not at all conducive to taking nice outfit photos.  Instead of one nicely photographed outfit, I give you four poorly photographed ones, showing what I wore to work last week.

work outfits

Monday - budgie print dress by Therapy for House of Fraser (on sale), Asda cardigan.
Tuesday - Promod mini skirt (on sale), J Shoes Boots, vintage C&A coat present off sister, Peacock's scarf.
Wednesday - Red Asos dress via car boot sale (£4, as new), black Clarks heeled brogues.
Thursday - check Peacock's dress via car boot sale (£1, brand new with tags), black Clarks mary-janes, M&S shirt via car boot sale (33p).

I was obviously feeling more casual this week with the shorter hemlines and boots.  When the weather's wetter as well I find tights dry out quicker than trousers or longer skirts, and I always keep a spare pair with me so I can do a quick swap if needed!


  1. I'll take it! You know what I love about these, they show that even though your true style is vintage, your work style is modified and a little vintage subdued. I think this proves that you can play with your out of work wardrobe more than your office style. BUT, having said that there is still your classic vibe in all these outfits.
    Would love to have you link up to #reasonstodress today if you have time!

    Angie from reasons to dress

  2. You always look gorgeous and exactly yourself (meaning it is your favorite type of style) in dresses and skirts, especially in vintage ones. Loving those two dresses on the bottom. I'll take each.

    Take Care Porcelina.

    <3 Ada.

  3. I like seeing your work style - and great minds think alike as I've been musing over sharing some of my workday wardrobe outfits too, but the difference here is you've actually got round to it ;) that peacocks dress was a bargain - the last look is my favourite, I love a dress over a shirt! CC x

  4. Love the last two especially.


  5. One of my friends had that C&A coat the first time round, it seems daft to label stuff I remember so well wear as vintage, but I suppose it is!
    Your selfies are much better than mine! x

    1. How funny about the coat! I used to like C+A.

      Selfies are so awkward though aren't they?! Look at my legs, exact same posture in each one, which looks weird! X

  6. Just goes to show there's no need to sacrifice style and femininity when you go to work! Each outfit is lovely. xxx

  7. I really like that red Asos dress on you (peter pan collars forever) and that plaid pinny dress. You find the best deals, I really have to remember that there are thrift stores out there in the real world instead of just doing all my shopping online.
    Ugh, it's so hard to get good photos this time of the year. Dark when I leave for work, dark when I come home at night, and piss poor lighting inside my house. Your photos actually aren't half bad!~

  8. It so, sooooo isn't conducive to taking good outdoor photos, I completely agree. I swear, it gets better later in the winter, but right now it's either too harsh, too soft, or too hazy to be of much use when detail is important. Your indoor selfies are lovely and something I'm sure many of us can relate to. Your outfits are all terrific, too. I especially like the plaid dress in the last one.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. The check pinafore one looks fantastic!

  10. Gorgeous looks! You always look fabulous in dresses. Lynne xx

  11. Those are all really nice, the pinafore in particular. I like the way you have such a distinctive personal style, too.

  12. I hear you about the light. And the weather :( That said, I like the Promod skirt and the grey and blue dresses.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  13. I adore that check Thursday dress on you and love the red dress as well! Looks like it was a good week :)


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