Friday, 27 February 2015

Beauty Review: Zuzka Serum

It's been a while since I mentioned beauty products, so today I want to tell you about my experience with a new serum I've been trying out from Zuzka, a natural beauty brand.  I use natural, paraben-free skincare and am always keen to find out about new brands in this category.

zuzka serum review

Zuzka has expanded to selling online from a Dorset-based salon, and promise that they only use certified organic herbs, plants and flowers free from pesticides and chemicals.  Products are handmade, and are also free from harsh detergents, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic ingredients, parabens, animal ingredients and artificial fragrance.

For the past few weeks, I have been using their Argenine Hydroxy Serum from their Botanicals range.  Please read on to hear what I thought!

Here's what Zuzka says about their product:
"A non invasive solution to skin rejuvenation. This high performance concentrated serum contains our exclusive formula "Argenine Hydroxy", which customers are referring to as their "Botanical Botox", Offering intense correction of wrinkles & expression lines & a relaxing anti inflammatory effect on tired, stressed looking skin. Argenine amino acid penetrates deep into the base layers of the skin, helping plump out wrinkles and regenerate fresh new cells, it soothes and relaxes the face. Combined with Hydroxy fruit acid it keeps skin smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. Suitable for All Skin Types especially Mature & Sensitive. Also useful for sufferers of open pores, rosacea & high colour."

It sounds good, doesn't it?  I tick all of the boxes for this product's target audience, as I am heading towards 40 and the intensification of wrinkles is a concern.  I also have large pores, and skin that flushes very easily.  I've been using serums for a year or two, as they give my skin that extra bost, particularly in winter when it gets very dry and chapped.  I have tried serums from various natural skincare brands such as Ren and Trilogy, so I am using those experiences as a basis for comparison here.

I used the serum every night before my usual moisturiser.  The packaging is ultra lightweight and non-breakable, which is great for travel as I am nervous about packing other brands that use glass bottles.  I was surprised at how liquid the product is, and that there was no discernible fragrance.  I noticed a tightening effect immediately, and in terms of smoothing and moisturising, it's just as effective as other brands I've tried.  Price-wise, at £55 it's not cheap, but it's in the same price bracket as the other serums I use that are also organic and natural. 

On the downside, the consistency really is too runny for me.  It doesn't feel as nourishing or pampering, and you've got to move quickly to stop it running off your hands!

I think this serum is best for those that like a really weightless sensation on their skin, who want the tightening effect, and who don't like their products fragranced.  If that's you, and you're a jetsetter  than needs light and non-breakable packaging then you'll be very happy with this serum!  Products are available to purchase from their online shop here.

If you want to read some more reviews of Zuzka products, Charlotte from A Fashion Oddity has reviewed the Zuzka cleansing milk here.  I found about Zuzka through the bloggers website, Bloggers Hub - head over for a peek!

Do you use serums?  What's your favourite brand?

I was sent the serum for review.  All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Ha, I don't even know what serums (sera?) are supposed to do, and I certainly wouldn't pay £55 for any product. I'm useless, aren't I? That'll be why I've got a ton of wrinkles, I expect - that, and the fact I move my face a lot! xxx

    1. You always have such great skin, you probably don't need one! I started using one when my skin was going through a phase of not coping with the British weather, and a serum was the only thing that saved it, so I haven't looked back. X

  2. I don't use serums now but am becoming aware that I need to find one as the first wrinkles have made an appearance!! Basically though you've summarised my fear of skincare products - I hate wasting money on things I use once then give up on because I don't like something about it!! xx

  3. I haven't really noticed any wrinkles yet, but my skin is so all over the place with acne, dryness/oilness, and sensitivity that I wouldn't mind only having to deal with a few wrinkles. Well, I say that now, but who knows how I'll feel when I actually get them...
    I haven't heard to Zuzka, but I do really like this Hyaluronic Acid serum I've been using from a brand called Reviva. It just does a good job moisturizing without being too heavy, and I felt like it helped with my undereye circles as well. I didn't used to put much stock in all the different beauty products out there, but after trying some out and seeing how much of a difference they make, I'm turning into a convert.

    1. I agree, sometimes you're quite happy using something and then you try something else and think, why didn't I try this earlier?! I used to use a 99p face cream that I really liked, it had SPF in, but was made from petrochemicals. I then made a switch to natural skincare, tried an organic cream, and suddenly my face was 100 times better, less break outs. Unfortunately it was 30 times the price, ha!!

  4. Lovely review. Maybe I'm tempting fate, but I don't use any anti-aging products (save for things like a good moisturizer and sunscreen). I'm not opposed to them in the slightest - and goodness knows I've had fine lines and wrinkles for a few years now - but I just can't bring myself to spend a chunk of my very modest sized fashion and beauty budget on them at this point. Ask me again in five or ten years though and I might be singing a very different tune!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know, it almost HURTS to spend a chunk of money on beauty products, but I have noticed such a difference when using the really good organic ones, so I am afraid I can't go back now!! xx

  5. I've never heard of this brand before! It's good you got to try it out so you could give it a review :)

    I don't use a serum but I've got a few given to me lately so I really should get around to giving them a try!

    Away From The Blue

    1. There are lots of great ones - Ren and Nuxe are two of my favourite serums. But, depends on what you want from them! Best to try some out at a beauty counter if you can, before splashing the cash x


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