Sunday, 26 April 2015

A New Bikini & A Holiday

I have a new bikini that's in a psychedelic pink paisley.  I'd been hunting for ages for the perfect one, and a chance conversation led me to start looking on Ebay.  That's where I tracked down this new with tags bikini by Pistol Panties, a fancy brand I've been admiring from afar.  The brand specialises in flattering, feminine and glamorous swimwear, but as their new bikinis retail for £139, I hadn't made a purchase.  I'm delighted that this one off Ebay cost me under a tenner, including postage.

Psychedelic Bikini

The thing is, I've accidentally ordered two of them.  I didn't know if my bid for this one would be successful so I ordered another one, identical in style but with a polkadot print instead of the paisley.  Oops!  To add to the bikini-rama, the other seller has accidentally sent me the wrong style of bikini, and so a third bikini was sent through the post.  I thought that the second bikini was one of the most unflattering styles I've ever tried, but the third was the right size bottom and wrong size top, which I couldn't even get on.  Can you believe that there's now a fourth bikini being sent out?!  I find 90% of bikinis unflattering, does anyone else have as much trouble with them as I do?  I swear I look better naked than I do in a bikini.

The reason for the bikini purchase is that I'm off to Pembrokeshire in West Wales for an overdue holiday.  Those of you in the know about the Welsh climate may ask why I might need a new bikini for West Wales?  Let me assure you that I will be swimming only in pools of the indoor, heated variety.  The Irish Sea will not be warm.  Although at the time of publishing this, I've managed to get a small burn on my lower leg, so I won't be swimming quite as much as planned anyway!

I have so many exciting adventures to share with you in my upcoming blog posts - bear with me on this short break and I look forward to catching up with you all on my return.  Have a super week all!

Have you bought any new swimwear or had any bikini woes so far this year?


  1. Have a lovely holiday! I think bikinis are such hard things to get right... I've worn many a bikini that makes me feel awful, but then when I've found one that does look good, it's the best feeling! I've had problems with eBay sellers sending the wrong size before; I don't understand how hard it is to double-check before you pack something!! Like I say, have a great break :) xx

  2. Enjoy your much needed holiday. Urgh I hate it when that happens at least you are able to get an exchange!

  3. What a palaver! The print and colour is so pretty and it sounds like a right bargain if the sellers ever get their act together.
    I know what you mean, the wrong fitting bikini can make the most perfect bod look awful, knickers cut too high or low create all manner of weird lumps and bumps. I always go for a stringy triangle bikini in a size up. xxx

  4. Bikini drama! That's a pretty print on the one you've shown us. Have a lovely break in Pembrokeshire! xxx

  5. Sorry for all the fiasco with the bikini purchases! As long as it all works out in the end though! Hope you have a great time on holiday! I hope your burn will heal enough that you can enjoy lots of time in the indoor pools!

  6. Totally agree, Bikinis are so hard to make flattering. Now you are inundated with them haha


  7. Have fun on your holibibs! At least you've got one bikini you can wear. I think my two-piece wearing days are long gone, I'd never inflict that on the unsuspecting public...

    The only time I've swum off the Welsh coast was on a hot June, but it was possible. You'll be very brave, or it will be a very hot day, if you do it in May!

  8. Goodness, what a lot of trouble for such a small amount of fabric! :) Seriously though, I'm sorry that you've had to go through so much for the sake of your new bikini.

    I hope that you, and it, have a fantastic holiday, complete with great weather the whole time.

    ♥ Jessica


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