Thursday, 16 July 2015

Gin Review: Chancery

Gin drinkers rejoice, I return with another gin review.  Save your pennies for the good stuff though - today's review is of a middling gin, Chancery.  Available in the UK exclusively at Tesco stores, I picked up a bottle for £16.


I was swayed by the attractive, apocatheray-like bottle, with its purple hue.  The gin within is clear, and there's no suggestion of meths.  On the nose, it's very gin-like.  Nothing unsual, no odd spices or botanicals, it's just your standard juniper.  On the palate, it's mild, unoffensive.  There's nothing wrong with this gin.  But after the Opihr and Da Mhile gins I have tried recently, this Chancery gin just seems a little dull.

I've read other reviews saying that it's passable in a G&T but doesn't have enough 'character' for a martini.  I'd disagree with this - especially if you use a good vermouth, it makes a more interesting drink than a G&T when the gin is this unexciting.  I found the G&Ts too bland, but the martinis passable.


Would I buy it again?  Not if there was the choice of Opihr or Bombay.  But if you are buying gin for cocktails, this would be a good value option.

Have you tried this one?

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  1. That bottle is beautiful! I'd keep it once the gin was ton and turn it into a stem vase or fill it with bath salts, beach sand, or something else pretty that would morph it into a decor item.

    ♥ Jessica


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