Saturday, 31 October 2015


I think a lot of British people still approach Halloween with dread, and spend the evening sat with the lights off, too scared to answer the door to teenagers who will probably do something really violent if you don't give them cold hard cash instead of sweets.  (I personally love that episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, where Willow's dentist parents hand out toothbrushes instead of sweets!)

In previous years I've covered entire rooms in black plastic, worn 6ft wide devil wings, and hand-crafted a black wedding veil and bouquet.  I have to say my tastes these days are more kitsch than Goth.


In the wonderful 1915 painting above, Howard Chandler Christy depicts guests bobbing for apples.  Doesn't that look civilised?  And notice the ladies and gentlemen are just in their usual party attire, with no fake blood in sight.  Last year I went more Bewitched than Saw III for Halloween with my Kitty Copeland cape dress and big victory rolls.  This year I have a dress that Morticia would gladly wear, and I am planning some potent cocktails and some home-made canapes (nothing that looks like severed fingers or anything else as horrid, I can't abide Halloween themed food!).

What are your plans for Halloween?  Lights out and sat quietly?  Or are you planning on some kind of costume and celebration?


  1. Gorgeous painting - I love the overflowing elegance that pours out from its Edwardian imagery.

    I'm full on, 100% behind Halloween (it's my favourite holiday) and celebrate to the nth degree in every way that I possibly can. Tonight I'll be fully costumed, handing out candy and hosting our small annual family All Hallows' Eve party. I can hardly wait!!!

    Wishing you an awesome, fun filled celebration, my dear friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Happy Halloween! I've never dreaded this holiday - I wish more people in this country celebrated it in fact. Going to my second ever Halloween party soon - the first one in nearly ten years! Hopefully the coming years will bring some more. Check out the reveal of my costume, now up ;) xx

  3. I'd love to dress up once (never been to costume party), but I don't have any parties to go to. :( No friends even, but that's ok. So I do what I usually do. :)

  4. Halloween is not a big thing in Croatia so I will spend my night at home, reading blogs and watching shows. I do love costumes though, not particularly the scary part, but costumes in general!

  5. Lights out and doors locked for me - but the kids are dressed up and enjoying the occasion! Hoping to see some pics of your Morticia dress - feeling a bit jealous of the potent cocktails right now! xx

  6. I wonder where the difference between American Halloween and British Halloween comes from. People go nuts here, although I feel like in recent years it's become a more adult holiday than the kids' holiday that it used to be. I had a fun time, but I basically just had a fun and low key Saturday night in a bar (+a costume). It was good times.

  7. We were 'lights out' as my husband's really not keen on trick-or-treaters, though I did take lots of sweets into work. I love Halloween.

  8. Love the picture you showcased above. So interesting to see how different times and hear how different cultures takes on Halloween are!


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