Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Honeymoon Part 3: Nerja

We took a bus from Granada and travelled down the edge of the Aplajurra region to reach Nerja, an old-fashioned seaside town within easy reach of Malaga airport, but a world-away from Marbella and the general high-rise nature of the majority of the Costa Del Sol.

nerja montage1

Nerja has such a lovely nightlife - tapas restaurants, rooftop cocktail bars, boutiques that stay open late, and the wonderful Balcon De Europa that juts out into the sea and gives good sunset views.


One evening we went to one of Nerja's newest and upmarket restaurants, Pata Negra 57, where we enjoyed some truly fabulous gastro-tapas.

nerja montage3
Gastro tapas at Pata Negra 57

nerja montage2
Clockwise from top left: Sunday flea market, local flamenco shop, al fresco tapas, gardens

One of the gorgeous town beaches

Dotted around the town are several smaller beaches, and we hopped around those some days, punctuated by pit-stops for a little Tinto de Verano and fresh seafood tapas.  This was our third visit to Nerja, and our second stay in the same apartment overlooking Burriana Beach - last year my husband proposed to me on that beach, so it was nice to be back at that spot.  The apartment is just a little one-bed, simply furnished, but it has everything we need, and the terrace is absolutely wonderful.  It was back to simplicity after the grandeur of Seville and Granada, where our four days cost about three times what our week in Nerja did!  (Wait until you see more photos of the hotels though, they were stunning and honeymoon perfect)

The view from our terrace.

I don't think this is the last time we'll visit Nerja, it's one of my favourite places on Earth, made even more special now because not only was the proposal there, but part of the honeymoon too.


  1. I loved Nerja, too. So many great places for a vegetarian to eat - not an easy thing in Spain all those years ago!
    How lovely that it's your special place and that you were able to return to the same apartment. it looks very similar to the little private one we stayed in, we spent ages on the roof terrace. xxx

  2. I'm ashamed to say I've never even heard of it! It looks so beautiful what a great place to have such special memories of.

  3. Aw that's so lovely to go back to the same spot on your honeymoon! Particularly as you loved it the first time around - that definitely helps ;) you look so gorgeous and happy in these photos. I want to go now! xx

  4. These are such fantastic photos! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Next time I'm in Spain I need to consider this spot. It looks lovely. What wonderful memories there.

    Those flamenco dresses!


  6. I had never heard of this place… I love learning new things. Looks like you enjoyed it :)

  7. Looks lovely, I have friends who regularly go to Nerja for holidays and they recommend it highly. It does look beautiful! xxx

    1. We had a couple from the Lake District in the apartment next to us, that's not where your friends are from is it?? x

  8. So great to go back to the place you got engaged at for your honeymoon! <3

  9. That beach is stunning - talk about the sort of location that one sees and swaps in as their mental happy place for a good long while.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Oh, that looks lovely. That sea!

  11. Looks gorgeous! I am not usually a beach vacation type of person but all of your trip photos are persuading me that could change in the future :)


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