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My Spanish Honeymoon Wardrobe

After last year's holiday, I was clever and made notes in the form of a 'Holiday Wardrobe' blog post about what worked and what didn't with my holiday packing, so this post about what I wore on honeymoon is partly for my own reference for my next holiday, and also because if you're like me you might be a bit nosy about what other people pack!  Don't worry, just because it's a honeymoon, I'm not about to bombard you with pictures of lacy babydolls...

City Sightseeing
For sightseeing in Granada I wore a Jaeger silk tunic, and I had another silk tunic from Monsoon that I wore to the Plaza Espana in Seville.  It's important to be cool and comfy when you're wandering around in the heat for hours on end, and to have covered shoulders for going into churches - or just to prevent sunburn in my case.

honeymoon wardrobe
Jaeger silk tunic at the San Jeronimo Monastery.

Evening Outfits
Seville is a very smart city and I embraced dressing up for nights on the town there.  I wore a J Crew silk dress and mid-century enamel necklace on our first night out, and it was the halter top and wide leg pyjama trousers (see Seville Sunset) for the second.  Granada was surprisingly quite the hippy hotspot and I was overdressed on all occasions.  On our first night out I wore an embellished tunic from Monsoon, and rather stupidly left the slip at home so it was a bit see-through!  It was quite dark in the little streets so I think I got away with it...  On the second night it turned really chilly, so I put a pair of leggings under an Asos dress and donned a cardigan.  Nerja is a beach town, but the Spanish ladies who are on hols there are still the best-dressed - they are standing there in sky-high wedge heels with nicely blow-dried hair and chic dresses, whereas the Brits are the ones in strapless playsuits with tan-lines and sunburn, flip-flops and hair in a messy bun.  I would like to think I made it somewhere between the two!  I had a small number of dresses for evening, and a few mix and match separates - tops that went both with a skirt, and with the pyjama trousers. 

going out montage
Clockwise from top left: J Crew silk dress, palazzo trousers and top, Asos dress, Lily and Dot hairflowers

Holiday wardrobe
Above: Whispering Ivy dress
Below: Monsoon tunic

Holiday wardrobe

Beach/Seaside Resort Wear
For days at the beach I just had the one pair of shorts and a few lightweight shirts for covering up.  I washed and re-wore a few things, such as the Monsoon silk tunic, to be a bit smarter for hopping around bars in town during the afternoon.  I also had a pretty sundress for daytime that I wore on a trip to a mountain village, but I had to be extra careful with the sunscreen and keep to the shade as much as possible.

Holiday wardrobe
Above: Warehouse shorts, Faith wedges and Peacocks top
Below: New Look bikini
Holiday wardrobe

nerja beach montage
Clockwise from top left: Gap shirt, small town beach, Soulcal tie-shirt, testing the water.

Packing list summary:

For cooler weather/travelling - Denim jacket, ballet pumps, cosy cardigan, leggings, lightweight scarf.

Beach wear - 2 bikinis, scarf doubles as sarong, large beach hat, beach bag, flip-flops, long-sleeved white shirt.

City sightseeing - Silk monsoon tunic, straw hat, 1 pair shorts, Jaeger silk dress, pretty flat leather sandals.

Evening outfits - Nice dresses (silk J crew one, Whispering Ivy one, purple Asos one, Monsoon tunic, white dress), palazzo trousers, full skirt, 4 different tops, wedge heels.

Accessories - hair flowers, pink enamel mid-century necklace, 2 pairs of sunglasses.

Holiday wardrobe
At Malaga airport to catch our flight home.  The skirt is Peacocks and was a sale bargain!

I'll echo my thoughts from last year that it's more difficult to maintain a vintage look in warm weather, and with a small baggage allowance!


  1. Good mix and match separates are what it's all about... I still think you did well though - I am loving the hat and pigtails look; super cute. You looked hot at all times, so that's the main thing right? Also, really glad to see the Whispering Ivy dress make another appearance; one of my favourites on you xx

  2. You did so well despite your baggage restrictions. I really love the silk tunics and the pigtails!


  3. You look amazing and radiant! Looks like you had a fab time!

  4. There's nothing I love more than admiring pretty travel clothes in a stunning location. This post is a joy, it's cheered up a grey, cold day. Thank you!
    You look gorgeous in your bikini and that last photo of you is just

  5. I think dresses in light fabrics DO work magic !
    I like how you dressed for your trips - you look comfortable and put together and marvellous for your pictures.
    There's nothing I dislike more than the tourist in jeans, tennis shoes and cap look.

  6. I think you did a great job balancing style and comfort. It's all about a good dress, isn't it? So much easier than packing a bunch of separates. I love that Whispering Ivy dress, the print is so beautiful! The tunics seem like a great choice as well - easy enough to throw over you swimsuit, but dressy enough to work for an evening out too.

  7. Lovely! Love seeing all your outfit pics! That Whispering Ivy dress is so beautiful!!!

  8. That Whispering Ivy dress is truly gorgeous! White sings on you, sweet dear.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I do love how well Spanish ladies dress; they know the art of tailored dressing. They're always incredibly well accessorised, too. That said, they can get away with colour and exuberance that we simply can't under grey British skies.

  10. It seems like you packed very smart! The tunic style dresses with full sleeves are such a good idea for sight seeing, I defiantly had to buy a cheap scarf to cover my shoulders once in Florence (and still got kicked out of the Duomo for my shorts...). The tunic dresses are both very chic and solve all of the church visiting issues, I'll be keeping that tip in mind for my future travels! I certainly agree that keeping up with a vintage look can become difficult in the heat!


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