Wednesday, 10 August 2016


After all that glamour in Portmeirion on our recent North Wales trip, we needed to be brought back to earth.  What better way to get back in touch with basics than with a bit of camping?  I'm a bit too delicate for full-on tents these days, so 'glamping' in a yurt seemed like a better idea.  We booked through Air BnB and stayed on a working farm on the Llyn Peninsula near Nefyn.  The setup is incredibly private, with just the one yurt in its own field, a short walk from the farmyard.

Our base for two nights

Everything you need is provided - the yurt is decked out inside with a double bed, and outside there's a picnic bench, firepit, and gas bbq.  A toilet and shower is found in a converted pig sty, a short stroll through the farmyard.  The amazing weather we had in Portmeirion didn't last, so it was a typical chilly and damp couple of summer days that we spent on the farm.  We saw some local beaches (bracing, blustery ones) and visited a few towns to hit the charity shops.  I bought some really nice leather knee high boots, and was glad of them in the cold evenings.  I had been a bit optimistic about the weather in advance, I'd take lots more jumpers and a proper big winter coat if we went glamping again!

View from our field



Drinking whisky to keep warm!

My new leather boots, £6.99 from a Porthmadog charity shop



We had a lot of fun, and it was really good to get away from the internet for a few days and just enjoy the great outdoors.  I can't say I'll make a habit of camping, but Air BnB certainly offers some interesting places to stay so I will be looking at what else they have on offer in future.  We only paid something like £40 a night for the yurt, which was good value.  Well, we needed to save money after staying in Portmeirion village!

Have you ever tried Air BnB for places to stay?


  1. Oh your Glamping trip looks lovely! I have tried camping in Wales, in a tiny 2 man tent, the morning views were breathtaking, the cold damp tent not so much! This looks like a much more civilised way to get in touch with nature! xx

  2. I've just got back from 5 days camping in wales and I'm still trying to thaw out! Yes, sturdy boots, loads of layers, gloves and a hat are the order of the day.
    Your trip looks a lot more glam than ours with an awning held together with duct tape and mud seeping through the flooring! xxx

  3. Oh how fun!! Looks like you had a great time. Most of my camping trips have been rough Aussie camping trips at secluded locations (which I always enjoy), it would be fun to go glamping one day though, such a great set up. Love your boots and jacket too x

  4. What a glamorous way to camp. I think even I could do that ... Loving the boots, what a great find! xxx

  5. I loved camping as a kid! But as I am now kind of a grown up, it doesn't hold the same appeal. Maybe glancing is the way to go! Such a cool and unique take on camping, staying in a yurt! I have never hooked on Airbnb but have had a browse and they seem to have some very unique and interesting accommodations!

  6. I have never camped ever! So Glamping is much more my cup of tea I think.

    I have never done an Airbnb either!


  7. Hehehe! I've never been camping and never want to. I'm much more of a home-comforts-in-a-hotel kind of gal! Anyway, love that you're still wearing flowers in your hair, despite being wrapped up in comfort clothes. You've always got to bring the glam! xx

  8. That looks like good fun.

    Must admit, I've never tried Air B N B; I like the formality of a hotel. That's why I've never really stayed in B&Bs either. I hadn't realised they did things like yurts, though, I'd imagined it was all city breaks in people's spare rooms.

  9. That sounds like camping paradise to me. What a scenic, gorgeous location and marvelous way to connect all the more with nature.

    To date I've only tried Airbnb once. We booked a (private) rental home for our trip to Vancouver Island back in 2014 for two weeks straight. Other than the bed not being very comfy, a sort of strange odour in the kitchen (it was there from the moment we arrived and never really left, even after we bought and used air fresheners), and the water pressure in the (only) powder room leaving a bit to be desired, it was a great little house and a wonderful way to visit a place we were going to be in for half a month. I'd have zero qualms using Airbnb again in the future and actually look forward to the prospect of hopefully doing so.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  10. Glamping seems like the way to go to me! I like the outdoors but not sleeping in it. And real toilets are an essential part of my life.

    I've not used Airbnb myself but I have been to a wedding that was held in one. They hired a house to stay in, with an outdoor entertaining area and place for a band, and the ceremony was held in a giant open cavern on the side of the cliff. Ridiculously special and gorgeous!

  11. Looks like a wonderful set up and a great alternative to rugged camping with tents and sleeping bags. That's also wonderful that it's pretty secluded. Hope you had a wonderful time out and away. <3


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