Wednesday, 26 April 2017

March Purchases

March had relatively slim pickings due to a concerted effort simply to not shop as much.  But I can't stay away from the charity shops for too long.  In a local community shop I found some new in packet white elbow length wool gloves (they'll be packed away for winter), and for the bargain price of £1 they had to come home with me.

From our trip to West Wales, there were a few good buys.  You've already seen the Laura Ashley pinafore dress (£7.99), and the vintage Kangol yellow wool boater hat (£2) in my Bath outfit post.  I also bought some interesting Next leather shoes (a few quid) and a pair of red vintage gloves (50p).  The shoes are maybe a decade old, as they're made in Italy and I haven't seen any Next shoes manufactured there for a long time.  I liked them because they reminded me of the heel on some designer (I think Miu Miu?) shoes a few years ago.

March purchases

This brings me on to Things I bought and sent back...

Just two things in March, both slightly pyjamish.  This Marks & Spencer polkadot dress looked lovely but it turns out that the sort of loose style that you then cinch in just ends up looking a bit frumpy on me.  I look much better in fitted styles.

M&S spotted long sleeve tunic dress

There was also a  La Redoute blouse (can't find a picture as it's now out of stock).  It was white with blue piping, which was lovely, but on arrival it transpired that it was a crease-prone fabric.  As someone opposed to ironing, I sent it back.

April's been a bumper month for purchases, especially with the start of the car boot sale season - bargains ahoy!


  1. My friend Liz has those Next shoes, too - she dyed hers red and they look amazing!
    All your finds are fabulous - that Laura Ashley pinafore especially.
    What a shame about the M&S dress, it does look lovely in the photo. xxx

  2. You did quite well in March! Oh, I know it so well: the lure of the charity shops ... I love the shoes, they have a real vintage look. But what a shame about the Marks & Sparks dress ... xxx

  3. Great purchases. Enjoy!

  4. Those shoes were a great find! So cute, and perfect for 40s and 50s inspired looks.

  5. You have the best second hand finds at the best prices Porcelina - I love the shoes.

  6. Love that pinafore dress! Those are some great finds.
    The Artyologist

  7. You do have the knack of finding great shoes. I bet you've found some real winners during April.

  8. Those shoes are lovely! Great bargain hunting. I am so with you on sending crease-prone fabrics back. There's nothing I hate more than ironing, I'm pretty sure... xxx

  9. Lovely finds! I adore that pinafore dress! So cute!


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