Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Week in the Wardrobe

An outfit post with a difference today - I thought it might be fun to give you an idea of what I wear in a typical week.  In general, I don't photograph much of my workwear or fitness gear, so this post gives you a peek into those parts of my wardrobe.  There are a few off-duty dressy looks too.  These photos weren't all taken in the same week, but over a couple of weeks.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!  The early autumn season can be tricky to navigate when the temperatures haven't dropped much (as I'm writing this it's 18 degrees celsius outside, which was warmer than most days in our supposed summer!).  Being keen to start wearing autumnal things, I adopted a compromise of a more autumnal velvet jacket (seen before here) over a summery gingham dress (seen here).  I really loved wearing this combination.

monday montage @porcelinasworld
Next velvet jacket (thrifted), Lindybop dress, Clarks shoes, Cambridge Satchel

On a Monday evening I have a kettlebells class.  It's good to start the week as you mean to go on.

week in the wardrobe @porcelinasworld
Reebok trainers, Trespass leggings, Matalan sports top

I had a meeting at another university site, 2 miles away, so footwear suitable for walking there and back again was my main consideration when getting dressed in the morning.  It was a wet and windy day, so hair went in a hat, and I took an umbrella that lasted 5 minutes until the tale end of a hurricane snapped the spokes.  Extra goofy poses below, because my husband was making me laugh when taking the photos.

windy day for walking montage @porcelinasworld
M&S jacket (thrifted), F&F trousers (thrifted), Clarks shoes, bakerboy hat (can't remember!)

A full day in the office with no meetings, just me and the computer screen.  I wear my bespoke glasses by Tom Davies for prolonged screen work.  Here I am once I got home, having a cuppa whilst I got the food on.  A Thai fish curry if I remember correctly.

red blouse green trousers montage @porcelinasworld
Promod top, F&F trousers again, Hush Puppies shoes, Tom Davies bespoke glasses

Thursdays are my Friday!  Two people commented separately that I looked 'French' in this dress, it must be the stripes.

week in the wardrobe @porcelinasworld
M&S dress (thrifted), fish belt (thrifted), Carvela shoes (thrifted), Cambridge Satchel as before.

After work on a Thursday I go to a yoga class.  My yoga wear is generally a mix of brands, but one of my favourite brands is called Asquith.  They make eco-friendly clothing in an ethical, family-run factory.

yoga wear @porcelinasworld
Trousers by Asquith, jumper by Levi's, t-shirt free from a conference.

I don't work Fridays.  I start the day with a spinning class, which is a lot of fun.  I wore something similar to what I wore to kettlebells on Monday.  On this particular Friday I then settled down to do some PhD work.  I didn't leave the house again then, mainly being sat at my computer, whistfully staring into space, and drinking lots of cups of tea.

stay at home Friday montage @porcelinasworld
George blouse (thrifted), F&F skirt (thrifted), Anuka necklace

On Friday evenings I typically stay in with my husband and we enjoy dressing up, eating a good dinner, and drinking some wine.  I loved wearing this fabulously deco Eastex dress, it's really warm too thanks to the fabric.  I want to wear it as part of a daytime outfit next, with boots and a jacket.

Eastex deco dress @porcelinasworld
Vintage Eastex dress (thrifted), vintage Gucci shoes (thrifted), vintage necklace (thrifted)

A Saturday usually involves a trip out somewhere.  On this particular day I went with my husband to a nearby town for a spot of charity shopping.  I used the same trick I did for Monday's outfit, throwing on a jacket over a summery dress to make it more autumn appropriate.  I'm holding off on the tights, because once you're in them, you don't get out of them again until about May.

lindybop gingham dress @porcelinasworld
Lindybop dress, Topshop jacket, vintage boots, Primark sunglasses

That Saturday night my husband was playing a gig in Cardiff, so I went along.  The venue was a church, so I made sure to wear something warm.  Tights were unavoidable.

week in the wardrobe @porcelinasworld
Vintage '60s dress (thrifted), M&S tights, Clarks shoes, vintage Trifari brooch (thrifted)

I like my Sundays to be a day of rest, with a slap-up Sunday dinner and watching the Antiques Roadshow.  I wore one of my favourite lounging combinations, velvet trousers and a kimono top.  It looks glam, but it's basically like wearing pyjamas.  Fluffy sandals completed the luxe lounging effect.

Night in @porcelinasworld
F&F velvet trousers (thrifted), Truffle sandals (via TK Maxx), Zara kimono top (thrifted), sash in hair (from a dress).

So, there you go, a week in my wardrobe.   Is this something you'd be interested in seeing more of?  I know the photo quality isn't the best, that's unfortunately the reality of trying to take photos everyday when the light's not necessarily great and you only have time for a quick snap rather than a whole shoot.

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  1. This was fun!

    Good on you for getting in so much exercise. Puts me to shame.

    Are you able to walk to your work? That is brilliant if so.

    My favourites might be the last two outfits. Those fluffy sandals are the best.


  2. Thanks Suzanne, it was fun to put together.
    I commute by train, and have a 10 minute walk to my local station. I try and get a few lunchtime walks in as well, I have been building up my exercise regime as I find it helps keep the winter blues at bay - definitely seen a huge improvement in my mood. Xx

  3. Oh yes, I really love this kind of post! I've been thinking of doing something along the same lines and did show some of my working wardrobe back in July. Your lounging outfit is fabulous and I'm happy to see you in some of my favourites of your September buys, the Eastex dress and the 1960s shift. xxx

  4. I love this! can't beat a real-life post when we get to see you wearing (and rocking the hell out of) your monthly purchases!
    The Eastex dress looks fabulous on you as does the psych mini and your velvet jacket outfit is lovely. xxx

  5. I do enjoy reading this kind of post not that I'd do one myself! I too am still wearing summer dresses but with a cardigan or coat. Mad weather at the moment that's for sure.

  6. Your Thursday outfit is fantastic! I love it! And your Friday night dress is amazing! Isn t it Fabulous to dress up!

  7. Loved this post and seeing your outfits for the week! Love all of your looks and reading how they fit in with your day x

  8. I love seeing peoples everyday wear, it gives a more rounded view of the person. The Eastex dress is a winner, you look fantastic x

  9. Very much enjoyed this, nice to see your everyday looks. It's impressive how many exercise classes you fit in! I like your kitchen too, don't think I've seen photos before.


  10. You look so lovely all week long! I love this post. And I loved seeing some other little bits of your house!

  11. Proving you are chic every day of the week! What I love about your style is how funnand changeable it is - and no decade is a challenge for you somehow! Stylish lady xxx

  12. Oh can I say that I like your every outfit, and also agree with Cici :)

  13. Great round up of a week's wardrobe. I just wouldn't have the time or patience to do this! I can't believe how many exercise classes you do, good on you! I'm off to have a look at Asquith now as I need at least one alternative t-shirt to the one I wear to Tai Chi! xx

  14. I love your dress-up Fridays. That's such a great idea - and this week's dress was splendid. It must mean your fancy frocks get regular wear rather than being confined to the wardrobe. The 60s shift is a winner too.

    Everyone should have some luxe loungewear for kicking back in style. I have a velvet tunic that's so comfy I feel half-guilty wearing it, like I haven't put in nearly enough effort.

  15. A bit late with my comment - but I loved this post. It was such fun to see all your everyday looks collected together. And just a bit inspirational too because I adore the way you mange so many different looks, styles, periods etc..! Kx

  16. That deco dress is everything on you lovely! You look absolutely stunning in that silhouette!

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  17. Yes, more of these! I love seeing more of what people really wear for all the different parts of life. The lounging outfit is my favourite. I need some more glam around-the-house clothes!


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