Wednesday, 17 January 2018

December purchases

In early December I decided that I didn't have enough party shoes and that nothing says party like pom poms.  I ordered some handmade fluffy red pom pom shoe clips from a UK seller on Ebay.  I'm really pleased with them!  You can see a picture of them in my Festive Recap post, I wore them on Christmas day.  Though as with all shoe-clips, I find I would ideally want slightly bigger clips, as sometimes the pom poms fly off with vigorous dancing.  I can live with that though, and even thought about stitching them on if needs-be.  They've totally transformed a pair of boring beige shoes that I bought (see this post) because 'they'll go with everything' then found they were so boring that I never wore them.

Next up was a mini charity shop splurge.  I found a lovely blue velvet scarf (£1.50), a red pashmina brand new in packet (not great quality, but it's a lovely bright red so fills a gap and it was only £1).  Also two hats, a 'scooter' style hat (not sure how else to describe it) by Radley, £2, and a blue 1970s' fedora type hat, also £2.

thrift haul @porcelinasworld

In a final December charity shop dash, I found this black Rosie at M&S jumpsuit, brand new with tags.  A size too big, but for £6 that wasn't going to stop me.  It has waist ties, that I just have to cinch in extra tight.  It looks much nicer on than it does in the photo below, I'll have to share a photo of me wearing it at some point.

Rosie M&S jumpsuit @porcelinasworld

Things I didn't buy, but had for Christmas
I'm including the Christmas gifts that I received as well as my purchases, just to round out this post a little.  I was spoiled!

December purchases @porcelinasworld
Lovely silk scarf and vintage leather bag.

December purchases @porcelinasworld
All the books!!

December purchases @porcelinasworld
GIN.  I haven't tried any of these yet as foolishly I'm doing Dry January...

December purchases @porcelinasworld
DVDs, and audio books.

What can I say, my husband, friends and family know me so well!  There was also a really fab 1920s music CD that isn't pictured as it's been in the CD player constantly since Christmas Day.  I also had some really lovely practical presents - a new hairdryer has been an absolute revelation, it no longer takes me about 20 minutes to dry my hair.

Oh and I had this jacket as an extra present as the person it was given to didn't like it, so I took it off their hands!

December purchases @porcelinasworld

I'm really delighted that I've had so many secondhand presents too, it's something that we're consciously trying to do more of with gift giving and receiving.  Books are always a fantastic way to get someone secondhand phobic started, it's a good entry point for those not keen on anything else secondhand.

As for the January sales, I will be trying to steer clear.  I tested myself a few week's ago and went to a shopping outlet, and although I was tempted with some massive reductions in Jaeger, I walked away empty-handed.  Let's see if I can keep up the willpower for the rest of the month (it's certainly going to be tested in terms of not drinking that gin either...)

What new items made it into your wardrobe in December?

In case you missed it, see what I bought last month.


  1. I think I’d need a second house if I’d have got all those presents!! What a lucky lady you are - and nice find on that jumpsuit. I love that Rosie range but it is rather pricey! xx

    1. I'm still trying to do one-in-one out, so a big bag has gone off to the charity shop! I always wait until there's at least 20% off to buy some Rosie ;)

  2. Oooh, what's the 1920s music CD? You got an awesome book/audiobook haul there too. I really need to listen to more stories - back when Radio 4 Extra was Radio 7 they'd have the crime and thriller hour every night, and it was always very enjoyable.

    Your bag and scarf are lovely, and I can't wait to see how you style them - you always pull together really cool outfits.

  3. That vintage bag is SWEEEEET! Oh my!

    Your new-to-you fur trim jacket is also very swish.

    I was also very spoiled at Christmas. Since my husband is only home every few months we tend to go a bit overboard. We took in some sales at Anthropologie and Free People as well as JCrew. On my own I only shop thrift but when the husband comes home he forces me into retail stores and makes me buy stuff. He is cruel like that.

    Can't wait to see that deep blue velvet scarf on you.


  4. You've been really restrained, but I'm loving your finds, especially the blue hat, bright blue velvet scarf and the jumpsuit. I can't wait to see you in it! Oh my, someone has been spoilt at Christmas! I'm always trying to get people into second hand buying. Books are indeed a good start. I'm admiring your willpower to steer clear of the January sales. I usually do too, but this time I've failed bitterly. xxx

  5. I never even thought a velvet scarf existed.... and I LOVE IT!!!! Wow, such a great addition.

  6. Loving that blue velvet scarf! It seems like just the thing to dress up an everyday winter coat. And I recently tried Le Fleuriste at a bartender friend's suggestion, it's very good. Have a nice tipple while you're reading some of those new books!

  7. Those are some lovely additions! Some of the nicest gifts I have gotten have been secondhand- or vintage, which is definitely secondhand!
    I've been looking at that 1970's fashion sourcebook- how is it? I have the 1920's, 30's and 40's volumes, and have been wondering if the 1970's one is worth getting too. You've got quite a nice stack of reading right there (and some good Agatha Christies!)

  8. I'm definitely approving of the books and audio selections. Unlike you I have indulged in the January sales!

  9. Love the colour of the velvet scarf and that is a super book haul!


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