Sunday, 29 April 2018

A decade of birthday style

My birthday is approaching within the next ten days.  There's usually a joint celebration of sorts with my husband, as our birthdays are just 6 days apart.  This year, we're jetting off for a sunny (hopefully!) week in Spain!  I am SO READY for a holiday, after a relentless few months of work, PhD, work... you get the idea.  I started to get those annoying twitchy nerves in my eyes last week, which confirmed the level of stress I've been under.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to book a holiday.

This year I turn 39, so I'm looking back with fondness at my 30s through my birthday outfits, as that's an occasion that there's always a photo of somewhere.  This post is like a time machine.  You can watch me grow younger as you scroll through.  Each year erases another wrinkle, as if by magic...  Conversely, the photo quality deteriorates rapidly.

2017, age 38 - a blissfully sunny birthday in the bluebells in a Lindybop frock.
bluebell wood @porcelinasworld

2016, age 37 - a car boot sale and a bbq in a dress from a now defunct Aussie brand.

2015, age 36 - a luxury stay at the fabulous Clevedon hall in a dress by Holly Willoughby for Very.
Clevedon Hall

2014, age 35 - an awfully wet day out in the Taf Echan valley was followed by a house party  I spilled champagne down that Promod dress and ruined it.  It's still on my 'mending' pile...

2013, age 34 - another especially rainy day out, to Penarth and Cardiff, with cocktails to warm up.   The dress is Lindybop, I don't wear it any more.
2013 birthday @porcelinasworld

2012, age 33 - there was a house party and a trip to the Cotswolds.  Those Bernie Dexter jeans are still going strong!
2012 birthday @porcelinasworld

2011, age 32 - a few days in Cornwall in a little cottage.  I ended up selling that vintage '80s dress a few years ago.
2011 birthday @porcelinasworld

2010, age 31 - a trip to the 1940s Swansea Bay museum, where I dived into the dressing-up section.
2010 birthday @porcelinasworld

2009, age 30 - I had a Tex-Mex theme party.  This was pre-blog!  I still have that vintage Western dress.  Not sure who any of those party guests are though?!
2009 birthday @porcelinasworld

2008, age 29 - It was a 'French' theme, which is why Chris is drawing a moustache on me with burnt cork.  I ended up with burnt cork on that white silk Zara dress I'm wearing, gah!
2008 birthday @porcelinasworld

So there you go, an entire decade of birthdays.  This year's birthday outfit hasn't been decided yet.  I currently have several options ready to go in the suitcase!  I may be sharing a few photos while I'm away on Instagram, but otherwise I will report back here in a couple of weeks.  See you on the other side!

As for next year's birthday - I'm trying not to think about the number...

Do you keep a record of your birthdays?

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  1. Have a wonderful holiday and birthday. The next birthday? personally I actually found that one incredibly easy to cope with it's my upcoming one in July I am in utter denial about!?!

  2. Lovely pics! Age 38 & 36 are my favorites!

  3. Ha! So much fun to see all these birthday photos! Have a great time in Spain, what better way to celebrate right!

  4. Happy birthday! What a fun post, to look back though the years. Wow, the dress from age 36 is a stunner! xo


  5. Hope you have a lovely birthday and holiday x

  6. Happy birthday! You haven't aged in about seven years - no wonder I thought you were in your early 30s.

    I try to do something big for my landmark birthdays - we went to Burgh Island for my 40th. It takes some of the sting out. Though I have to confess, there are times when I'm not so keen on being in my mid-40s...

  7. Happy birthday! I can't wait to read all about what you get up to this year in Spain - and see what you wear, of course.

  8. I have a great time in Spain. Looking forward to pictures of the visit. Your clothes on each birthday are great.

  9. Very jealous of your birthday getaway! Think of me in blustery, cold England on mine while you’re out there won’t you ;) we’re planning a beach trip - probably insanity but we want to show the puppy the sea for the first time! My birthday outfit may be lacking in the style stakes this year, but I’ll give it a go... xx

  10. Have a wonderful holiday and birthday! I can't remember the last time I even took a birthday photo, but I don't do much to celebrate mine these days. I'll just let the wrinkles come along unrecorded.

  11. I'm not at all bothered by birthdays or ageing (it's certainly better than the alternative). Developing film was so expensive back in my youth (ie the days before digital cameras/mobile phones) but there's a classic one of me and my friend Liz looking completely sloshed on my 21st - i think I shared it on my 50th Birthday on Facebook as, 29 years later, we were still sitting in a dodgy pub in Walsall looking sloshed!
    Fab round up of pictures. Have a fab holiday and a happy birthday, youngster! xxx

  12. What a wonderful birthday treat and what fun to see you celebrating through the years. Enjoy, you certainly deserve getting away from it all! xxx

  13. How wonderful to have so many photographs of your birthdays. Mine just seem to come and go with the wind without much fanfare. Have an amazing time in Spain! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your photos. They'll certainly get me in the mood for my Seville one later in the year. And have a happy birthday whatever you end up wearing! xx

  14. I do not keep track of my birthdays - i think you look marvellous in these and only keep getting prettier Porcelina.
    Hope you have a fabulous one !!!

  15. Oh what a lovely collection of photos! And Spain! That is so exciting!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  16. Awesome round up hun! Love the 37th and 38th dresses <3 Enjoy your holiday and Happy Birthday!

  17. First I must wish you a happy birthday. You are actually in a really nice age range I think. I really enjoyed being your age when I was your age, so very long ago. I love the way you look in the opening picture in that gingham checked dress .
    You are aging beautifully and almost a PhD. Congratulations to that. My son is also in the midst of finishing his doctoral thesis. It is quite a process and I congratulate . Enjoy Spain! Happy birthday to hubby too !


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