Wednesday, 18 April 2018

March Purchases

March was mainly about online shopping rather than visiting the charity shops.  I was on what I like to call a 'PhD retreat' whilst my husband was away in America for a couple of weeks.  This involved sitting at my laptop in the kitchen, typing furiously for most of the day.  I was allowed breaks for food, walks, and household chores.  But no shopping breaks.  It did curb the shopping considerably, but not completely.

First up, a Laura Ashley archive dress.  This dress was brought out in 2011.  I know, because I blogged about it at the time.  It was £125, which I couldn't afford.  Years of stalking it on Ebay, and I eventually found one for the right price (£20).  I bought the blue colourway, they also did a pink one, and a lime green.  It's shorter than I would like (isn't every dress?!) but I could see myself wearing it on holiday.
Laura Ashley Archive Bluebell @porcelinasworld

I bought this Oscar by Oscar de la Renta skirt to wear to work.  You saw me wearing it in this post about visiting Pontypridd museum.  I can't remember the exact price, but it was no more than £2.

march purchases @porcelinasworld

I then bought a pair of black and gold shoe laces (£3.50).  I always hated the shoelaces that came with a pair of boots I had, so these were a good replacement.

A Facebook purchase was next, this little dress from Timeslip vintage's sale (£12).  I find in Spring that I want to suddenly wear Spring things, but it's often not yet Spring weather.  So, there's a gap there for things in warm fabrics that are Spring coloured.  This fits that bill, it's a warm crimplene, but the colour is very Spring like.  This was a bit of a punt, but it is really lovely on.  A bit big at the waist so I have to take it in a bit before wearing it properly.

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld

Seafolly bikini (£9).  After the woeful experience of bikini shopping last year (how many did I try?!) and with my holiday to Spain being very soon, I decided to try TK Maxx.  I like the Australian brand Seafolly, it is excellent quality and I've owned their bikinis in the past.  Last year I tried on a few styles that simply didn't suit me.  I've learned from that, and on the clearance rail I quickly sized up this 'Walk the Line' style for potential fit issues.  It looked as though it would be okay.  I bought it without trying it on in the shop (an awful experience with a bikini - take it home where you at least have better lighting!).  The result?  It's fabulous!  It makes me feel sporty, and I tested it in a hotel pool recently and found it to be suitable for 'serious swimming' rather than just splashing about in.

seafolly-walk-the-line @porcelinasworld

I was recently bemoaning the lack of a plain red cardigan, devoid of embroidery and other embellishments.  I came across this red wool '60s cardigan at Second Hand Rose, and snapped it up immediately.  I've not been wearing cardigans as much in general.  I stopped wearing them to work, in favour of smarter little jackets instead.  But I do wear that lovely coral colour '60s cardigan that I picked up in Torquay for casual days running errands, so it wouldn't hurt to have one in red too now would it?

march purchases @porcelinasworld

My final purchase (that I'm keeping) was a Salvador Ferragamo shoe print scarf.  I have wanted one of these for ages, but the ones on Vestiare Collective were a bit pricey.  I found one on Ebay.  This comes with the warning 'always read the listing'.  I think I must have bid on it using my phone so I missed the part about the scarf being damaged around the edges.  I now have yet another sewing project to attend to, as the whole scarf needs re-edging.  Gah!  It was £14 though, so another bargain.  I'll share before and after photos once I've tackled the sewing.

Things I bought and sent back...

This was the most anticipated purchase of the month, a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. A pair has been on my wish list for years!  I have ummed and ahhhed over many a pair on Ebay and Etsy.  I took the plunge with a pair of navy flats  Then on arrival I realised the seller had made an error in the listing and that they were the wrong size.  What a disappointment!  Back they went...

That was it for March, folks.  April shopping has seen a few delights already, I look forward to sharing some photos with you!


  1. There's some lovely bits there! I especially like the Crimplene dress and the cardi from my lovely friend, Secondhand Rose. Glad you managed to find the LA dress you wanted, good things always come to those that wait.
    I was looking at some old photos the other day and admiring a bikini I wore which I remembered getting from a car boot, that was by Sea Folly. It kept it shape brilliantly for years. xxx

  2. The ODLR skirt was such a steal ! the vintage dress from the sale is amazing, such great fabric Porcelina !
    and sometimes when one is really excited about an item on ebay, we'll miss reading things, been there !

  3. Good things come to those who wait, and proof is in that gorgeous Laura Ashley dress! Well done, you! I'm also loving the crimplene dress, which is a wonderful colour for Spring. The bikini is ace too! What a shame about the Ferragamo shoes, but I'm sure the right pair will cross your path one day. xxx

  4. I can see you are feeling springlike from your purchases! Yes I often find dresses are a tad too short too mostly it doesn't matter but sometimes it's just too wrong and back things have to go.

  5. I bought my first pre worn item of my life. I finally left aside all my resistance against it! I think I'm getting hooked on thrift shopping little by little now!

  6. Love that blue mini dress! And want to send the scarf over to me for sewing? For some reason I love sewing edges, it's oddly soothing.

  7. I love that crimplene dress - the colour is fantastic. And hoorah for finding the Laura Ashley dress you wanted. Vix is right, things do come along for those who wait.


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