Thursday, 24 May 2018

April Purchases

I'm late with this shopping update, but I have some buys that are too good not to share!  The first April purchase was these Laura Ashley trousers, just £1.  I found them in a heap of clothes on a tarpaulin full of puddles at the car boot sale.  They're a bit loud, in a '60s kind of way.  I think that's why I like them.  I haven't worn them yet, because I don't have anything quite like them already and am wondering how to pull together an outfit around them.  I'm sure inspiration will strike one day.

march purchases @porcelinasworld

My much-prized Prada boots were a purchase absolutely ages ago, from Ebay.  Buying designer items on Ebay requires nerves of steel, especially as there are so many fake goods out there.  I was relieved to find that these are indeed genuine, phew!  They weren't cheap, and one boot had a dodgy zip so I had to fork out for a cobbler replace it for me.   It took ages due to two lots of snow, and then the zip company sending the wrong items not once, but twice.  Now that they are finally wearable it's typical that we have a spell of warm weather and I can't wear them...

april purchases @porcelinasworld

This was an exciting find, another 'Carnegie' dress (you might remember the neon maxi), found in a charity shop.  I wore this on holiday the other week.  Is this the beginning of a Carnegie collection?  Who knows.

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld

I also found this flamboyant 1970s' vintage dress in a charity shop.  The brand is hilariously named 'Roy'!  It was the sleeve shape that sold this dress to me.  I love big sleeves.

April purchases @porcelinasworld

At the very end of the month I had a bit of a vintage spree.  First up was this short 1960s' green suede jacket, again from a charity shop.  The colour looks faded and dull here - in real life the green is much more vibrant.  I think it was a fiver, if I recall correctly.

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld

From the same charity shop I bought four mid-century necklaces, for 50p each, and then other charity shops yielded a silk scarf, and a modern skirt (£1).

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld

Finally, two little black hats came home with me from the car boot sale.  I rescued them from the bottom of a bargain bucket, where they were squished in.  The first is a 1930s' hat by 'Cross Keys'.  I have dubbed it my 'Miss Fisher hat', I can see it being worn a lot when winter rolls around.  The label looked familiar, and I realised that Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique also has a 1930s' hat for sale by 'Cross Keys' (it's a steal, if my head was smaller I would have snapped it up!).

cross keys 1930s hat @porcelinasworld

The other hat is a St. Michael 1950s' hat, it's again one to put away for winter.  Both hats are very simple and close-fitting to the head, kind of like a beret in silhouette, so I am hoping that they will be very versatile.  I'll certainly give them a go, especially as they were just £1 each!

st michael 1950s hat

And finally, the 'things I bought and sent back' section is very slim today and consists only of the Melissa 'Harmonic Frost' sandals that I bought in anticipation of my holiday.  These looked lovely online, but in person they were too heavy.  The colour was also really weird, not like the pearlescent hue that appeared online, but more greyish, like a dead jellyfish.

Melissa Harmonic Frost @porcelinasworld

That's all, folks!


  1. Oooh, you do make some good purchases. That 70s blue maxi is outstanding - I can picture you wearing it for one of your nights-out-at-home.

  2. I love the big sleeved maxi, it's fabulous! The suede jacket is a lovely style and I bet you'll look gorgeous in those LA trousers.
    I couldn't find any other Cross Keys hats when I was researching mine, how funny that the only other one I've ever seen is owned by someone I know! xxx

  3. LOVE that new maxi dress!

    The boots are amazing too.

    Can't wait to see you wearing the hats although I suppose it'll be a while before you wear them.


  4. Totally in love with that maxi dress!! And, yes the sleeves would have sold me as well!!


  5. You couldn't possibly leave behind those Laura Ashley trousers for £ 1, could you? Although I'm tempted by the Prada boots and the Carnegie dress, my favourite by far is the big-sleeved 1970s maxi. I love those vintage brand names, and some indeed are quite hilarious. What about "Gay Lady", for instance! Those two hats were great finds too, especially the Cross Keys one, which I think will be amazing on you! xxx

  6. I absolute love the blue dress! Can't wait to thrift shop in the UK in August because I finally got over my,, fear,, for thrift shopping!😂😂😂

  7. Oh wow ! Some amazing finds as usual. The Prada boots are my fave here, along with the hats. So unique.

  8. Can’t wait to see you in that 70s dress - you’re going to rock that! I’m sure those boots will be worth the investment. Weird about those Melissa shoes though - and they look so cute in the product shot... xx

  9. Fab purchases all, you really had a good month!

  10. Some great finds there! I'm really impressed by those hats, they are absolutely fabulous. Those Laura Ashley pants would be really fun with some simple styling, I think, like a nice white tee and some ballet flats.

  11. I love that 1930s hat, and at £1, that's one hell of a bargain. I'd love to see it on you! xx

  12. As always- some lovely finds! And that is most definitely a Miss Fisher hat!


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