Monday, 28 January 2019

What Happens When You Wear a Hat

From time to time, I encounter people who say "I wish I could wear hats".  They might then explain that they lack the confidence to do so.  Modern society is not as accustomed to hats as a century ago, when you were odd if you didn't wear a hat.  I was slow to venture into different hat styles from across the eras, preferring to stick to classic styles like berets and fedoras.  Such styles are more likely to be recreated (sometimes not very well) on the high street.  I had a hat comfort zone, and I was sticking to it.  So, I too, was lacking some confidence, and thinking "I wish I could wear that kind of hat".

Branching out into different types of hat has crept up on me.  My starting point with every era seems to be a simple little black hat.  I am now convinced that a little black hat - from any era - is pretty indispensable.  I have a growing collection!  In my last post I showed you my 1930s' little black hat.  Today's hat is extra gorgeous, because it's velvet.  The label states "A Woolsand Model", and I'm guessing from the turban style that it's from the 1950s.  I wasn't at all sure about whether it suited me in the shop, but it was practically free, so I took the chance.  I'm glad I did.

I kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple, but with some splashes of hot pink to cheer up a grey month.  The sky then obliged with a little pink blush to match.  The coat was another lucky find.  It's from the 1960s, with no brand label.  It's a really lovely ribbed fabric.  I've tended to wear it so far as a coat for evening, but on this occasion a local park was the destination.  Black, and velvet, do not photograph terribly well, so you'll have to take my word that the hat is inky black and doesn't look as worn in real life as it does in these photos.  We literally were out for a walk, not to do a photoshoot, so half of these photos are taken on a phone.  I debated about whether to share them, but then decided you'd all definitely want to see a velvet turban and wouldn't care so much about having exceptional photo quality!


Everything charity shopped, except the tights (M&S), and the pink dress (I made it).

So, what happens when I wear a hat like this out in public?  Absolutely nothing!  People don't stare, children don't point, and old ladies don't draw their curtains as I pass their houses.  The outfit I wore here is actually a fairly modern silhouette - you'd get the same silhouette with skinny jeans and a beanie hat.  Not so outlandish after all.

Now that I am used to wearing a black velvet turban out in public, the next step is the fabulous bright green velvet one.  What hat is outside of your comfort zone?  And be brave - when are you going to wear it?


  1. This outfit is wonderful! The turban and whole outfit look great on you. The pops of pink really make it work.

    I agree, so many people think they will be stared at when they wear a hat for all the wrong reasons, I find that more often than not it is for all the right reasons.

    I have several vintage hats that I haven't listed yet in my store that I wanted to try out before selling them but I had no idea how to wear them. I'm too used to pulling them down on my head. I realized after watching Mad Men for the third time round that they are supposed to sit on the back of the head, not pulled down. That is why they are so small. I haven't worn any of them yet but after seeing you pulling off this look so well it is encouraging me to get them out and see what I can do. One of them is a turban style but in really bright yellow, gold and orange and totally out of my comfort zone.


  2. Impromptu they might be, but I think these photos are stunning nonetheless. And so is your outfit! Love your hat, obviously. I have a turban hat somewhere too. Thanks for the reminder to dig it out. Also love the flashes of pink, and the fur wrap/scarf pinned with the brooch! I love wearing hats, but somehow always end of wearing berets in Winter. xxx

  3. I love hats. I don't wear them much. Here it you wear a hat, you're most likely a tourist ;)

  4. And you made a dress and then don't show it us? Damn!😀😀 But the fabulous gloves and amazing bag make up for it!

  5. That hat looks wonderful on you. I remember feeling very odd when I started wearing hats, but as you say, no-one actually pays much attention, or of they do, it's positive. I love the flashes on pink you've used.

  6. Hi! Your photos are awesome: a classy vintage outfit against a colorful sky. Beautiful! - Angie,

  7. Love this outfit! The 60's coat silhouette, the lace up boots, the velvet turban which fits you perfectly... just gorgeous! That's a good thing you decided to take a chance on this hat because it is lovely!
    I love to wear outlandish 60's pillbox hats, but they unfortunately don't work so well with my current hairstyle. :( My hair is getting longer though, and I am hoping to be able to start wearing them again.
    As for stepping out of my comfort zone (literally) I always feel conspicuous when I wear high heeled shoes during the day with "ordinary" outfits. I always think that people are staring or something. .. which they aren't! :)

  8. The pop of fuschia pink makes that outfit! That hat is fabulous.
    I don't get the hat thing at all, there's a hat for everyone out there. xxx


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