Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Joy of Crimplene

I see people on social media breaking out the broderie anglaise and proclaiming that it's the weather for straw bags and even sandals.  Well, it may look a little like Spring here with the blossom on the trees and a few days of lovely sunshine, but that wind chill reminds you very quickly that we're in Wales.  Ten days ago we had snow! 

There's always a tension to balance at this time of year between ditching the winter clothes in favour of something a bit lighter, and not freezing when you step outside.  The dress I'm wearing here has turned out to be the perfect dress for Spring.  It's a lovely shade of blue, and even though it's short-sleeved, because it's made of Crimplene it's actually warm.  Washes and dries like a dream.  Before these photos, I ate a clementine and managed to squirt juice down the front of this dress.  I was convinced I'd ruined it, with a really obvious yellow stain right on my lap.  But, a quick scrub with a wet-wipe, and ta-da!  It came out straight away.  I'm actually sold on Crimplene and am on the look out for more dresses in zingy Spring colours.

When it warms up enough, I plan to wear this dress with some beautiful blossom-print tights and a cream jacket.  Until then, a big coat, thick tights and boots are a necessity.

Wearing: '60s St Michael Crimplene dress from Timeslip Vintage, '60s Fortown coat from car boot sale, Trifari brooch from charity shop, Elle silk scarf from car boot sale, sunglasses and vintage Bally bag from charity shop.  Boots and tights from M&S.

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  1. I don't believe in dressing for the time of year or packing all my winter clothes away just 'cos it says spring on the calendar, it's just plain daft.
    Your Crimplene dress looks lovely with the metallic boots. They say that ICI stopped manufacturing Crimplene as it was so hard wearing that women weren't buying as many new clothes and it was ruining the fashion industory. It's so resilient (and warm!)
    Funnily enough, every city we trade in has a different reaction to Crimplene - Londoners absolutely detest it, Mancunians can't get enough of it! xxx

  2. Ooh, lovely dress! My kind of dress, but I guess you know that already! Crimplene, Diolen and their ilk, not only are they a joy to wear, they can indeed withstand a spill or two. I'm always carrying wet wipes just in case. Short sleeved Crimplene dresses are ideal for this time of year, to slowly ease you into your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Here, I love the contrast with the dark shades of your tights and coat, and I love the addition of the lovely silk scarf! It's been pretty cold here too these last couple of days ... xxx

  3. This colour combination is just amazing - the rustic richness of the burgundy works so well with the powdery blue. And who would have thought gold boots as well? But they are the perfect finishing touch! Kx

  4. I love Crimplene, though it can be a bit sticky in warm weather. But for most of the year in the UK, or just as a skirt in warmer weather, it's brilliant. Doesn't fade. Doesn't need ironing. SO COLOURFUL...

  5. Now see how fabulous a hair band looks on you. It is starting to warm up here now, finally! Time to wear our most beautiful dresses!

  6. Oh my goodness, snow!? Wow!

    Also, this outfit is awesome!! I love it!


  7. Such a cute outfit! I love that scarf you've got tied in your hair.
    While I do love the look of vintage synthetic fabrics, I can't wear them or I overheat (even on cool days). Which is really too bad, as I often find so many vintage garments made of synthetics that I have to pass over!


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