Monday, 20 May 2019

Killerton Estate

I am playing catch-up with my blog posts, but it's always better to start at the beginning.  Before our visit to Burgh Island I booked another night in Devon, to extend the trip.  I wanted to renew our National Trust membership as a birthday present to myself, so on the drive down from Wales we broke the journey with a stop at Killerton.  This 18th century property, that was given to the National Trust by the Acland family in 1944, offers a little more than your standard grand house and garden experience, as it houses a fashion exhibition.  Far better than a motorway service station!

The outside of the house is the first clue that this is more of a comfortable family home than a stately one.  Indeed, there were some lovely rooms that I would have felt quite at home in!  Upstairs is the fashion exhibition, drawing on themes relating to the history of the estate, such as the involvement of Francis Acland in the founding of the Forestry Commission.  I won't share too many photos of the fashion exhibition in case you're tempted to visit yourself.  It isn't huge, but was certainly very interesting and just the kind of thing I enjoy.

Outside there is a small area of formal garden, before the grounds open out into pasture, woodlands, meadows, and a rockery.  I had never seen yellow peonies before, aren't these beautiful?

I made a bee-line for this very sweet looking little folly, called 'the bear hut', which was built as a summerhouse in 1808 but did actually house a bear in the 1860s that a family member brought back from Canada.  I was glad there were no bears around on our visit!

Wearing: blouse from Shepton flea, gold boots from M&S, Bernie Dexter jeans, 1960s necklace from car boot sale, 1970s leather jacket gift from husband.

The weather was a bit hit and miss as you can see from these photos, and by the time we had reached our accommodation for the night the rain had set in.  It was a quiet evening then to gather our energy for the excitement to come the next day... to be continued!

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  1. Hooray for the National trust. I like the look of Killerton, I'm sure it was on an episode of the Antiques Road Trip fairly recently.
    The costume exhibit is lovely and the Bear Hut is gorgeous, what a perfect spot for your photos. I wonder if I can get Jon to knock us one up in our garden?
    Love your blouse. xxx

  2. I've been to Devon a couple of times, but Killerton is new to me. What a lovely property. I often like comfortable family homes better than the grand estates, and one that has a wildflower meadow with a picturesque folly, as well as a fashion exhibition surely ticks all of my boxes. Love the blouse and those gold boots! Can't wait to find out what else you did ... xxx

  3. We are going tomorrow to the UK! But not to Devon! Would love to see that fashion exhibition!

  4. Great gold boots Porcelina ! What a cool exhibition to attend and I think you look lovely in those pictures-

  5. Gorgeous boots and this looks so lovely. I could happily wear everything from that exhibition.

  6. This looks like an interesting place to visit. The pictures you took inside the cottage are so striking!
    And I love your blouse- pairing it with denim was a great idea.

  7. What a lovely place to pay a visit to! The little thatched roof cottage is so sweet. That fashion exhibit looks really interesting - it reminds me that there's one here in Chicago about 30s and 40s fashion that I've been meaning to see, so thank you for that!

  8. I love that bear hut! Though I think I would die of fright if I met a real bear. It's like something out of a John Irving novel.


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