Monday, 13 May 2019

The Mermaid Pool

Last week I turned 40 years old in style, by spending my birthday with my husband at the incredible Art Deco extravaganza that is Burgh Island hotel.  Originally a resort for the rich and famous, the iconic hotel is situated on its own private island.  It certainly was a decadent beginning to my next decade  - start as you mean to go on!  I will be sharing my experience in full detail but before I can do that, I have hundreds of photos to wade through.

In the meantime then, I wanted to share my first outfit on the island.  This was my "arrival outfit", which also included a jacket, hat and bag, that I removed for our first stroll around the island.  I'm glad I took the hat off.  The wind was quite strong uphill and Chris nearly lost his hat a few times!

We retreated therefore to this charming, secretive little cove, reached by a wooden staircase (I was pleased it's not reached by a rickety 'Jacob's ladder' as described in Christie's novel, 'Evil Under the Sun').  At the bottom is the 'Mermaid Pool', a natural pool filled with seawater and surrounded by high rocks.  There's a pontoon moored in the middle that you can swim out to.  I would have loved to, but sea temperatures in May are decidedly chilly, so I thought I'd avert pneumonia and give it a miss.

Wearing: Heyday blouse, M&S trousers, Topshop shoes (charity shop), Polaroid sunglasses (car boot sale).

The blouse is UK-made by Heyday, the long-sleeved 'Olivia' in the 'Deco Rose' print.  I deliberated for some time between this style, and the similar 'Spellbound' by Freddies of Pinewood.  I ended up buying them both, but if I'd bought the Heyday one first, I probably would have sent the Freddies one back.  This Heyday one is far superior in fit and quality of fabric.  I absolutely love it, and was pleased to get it in their Easter sale for half price.

The hair is unintentionally a bit mermaid, thanks to the lively wind, I couldn't have planned it better for the location!  Stay tuned for the rest of our island adventures...

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderfully decadent start to your forties.
    These photos are absolutely wonderful, I'm so excited that there's more to come, you look very inch the vintage movie star in your wide legged trousers and pretty blouse. The wind adds such a dramatic edge to the pictures.
    Mermaid's Pool makes me a bit giddy looking down in it, thank goodness there wasn't a rickety ladder! xxx

  2. Happy birthday, and you certainly celebrated in style! What a fabulous location! I must admit my legs turned to jelly when I saw that wooden staircase ... Love the blouse and those trousers. Can't believe they're M&S! And I'm loving your windswept mermaid hair. xxx

  3. What a fabulous and intimate spot for your 40th birthday! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.


  4. Happy belated Birthday! And what a magnificent place to celebrate it!

  5. Oh wow, very well deserved my dear PhD! What a beautiful place. Lovely trousers.

  6. It's so lovely there! (I'm interested to see the rest of your trip as the place has changed hands since I was there, plus I'm nosy about which room you had.) The weather deffo hasn't been good enough to go in the pool, which is such a shame - it's the stuff of a vintage novel, for sure.

  7. What an amazing way to celebrate your birthday. I can't wait to see more even if I will be green with jealousy. I've only visited the island for the day, I'd love to stay there.

  8. Oh- I thought that this place looked familiar, and then you mentioned Agatha Christie and then I realized why! You wore the perfect outfit for your arrival- you definitely look like a rich socialite on holidays!


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