Friday, 14 June 2019

Overbeck's Gardens

I promise this is the last installment of the Devon trip!  We didn't end up leaving Burgh Island until a little later than anticipated, due to the tides.  Once we were back on the mainland, I'd set my heart on a visit further down the coast to Overbeck's sub-tropical gardens.  Salcombe is a lovely area of Devon.  It's alongside the Kingsbridge Estuary, that's dotted with little sandy bays.  We were lucky to have a sunny (but not that warm) day to explore the gardens and the surrounding area.  The view that you're greeted with as you step down onto the terrace of Overbeck's takes your breath away.

Overbeck's has passed through the hands of many families, as well as becoming a WWI convalescent home.  Its last owner was the inventor Otto Overbeck.  The gardens are therefore the work of many generations, and have been expanded over time to form the current impressive layout. There are lots of rare plants, and the microclimate has allowed for unusually exotic ones, such as palms and bananas.   I think Chris stole the outfit show on this visit.  I'd started the day more glamorously attired but had ended up getting changed in the car park because I was cold.

After enjoying the gardens, we headed down to North Sands to have lunch at seaside restaurant the 'Winking Prawn'.  We were both in search of fresh sea food, but their daytime menu is a bit slim on fish and they'd only one mackerel left, so I was really disappointed to end up eating chicken!  Ah well.

This year is a bit Devonish - I'm off to Devon again at the beginning of July for a hen weekend 'glamping' on a farm.  I somehow don't think National Trust properties will be on the agenda though...


  1. I spent every childhood summer from 1977 to 1985 in the South Hams as it was ideal sailing territory for Dad's boat. Such a gorgeous part of the world, I'm particularly fond of Hope Cove where my and my friend Liz's families used to rent a cliffside cottage called Woolmancliffe for the month of August.
    We never visited Overbeck and it's a shame as it looks absolutely gorgeous as do the pair of you! xxx

  2. That view is simply breathtaking! We didn't make it to Overbecks when we were in Devon, but I remember walking past it. Salcombe and the Kingsbridge Estuary are very picturesque. I must dig out the photos we made back then. That photo of you and your hubby in the garden is absolutely fabulous. xxx

  3. That view, and those plants... the south coast really is a little slice of heaven.

  4. I only been once to Devon but would love to go back to Devon and Cornwall.


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