Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Last Day of Glorious 39

More time travel again today, as I try and catch up with writing about adventures that occurred a whole month ago!  The day before my 40th birthday, and our arrival on Burgh Island, we had travelled down to Devon to break up the journey.  After our stop at the Killerton Estate, we headed to our accommodation for the night, Beyond Escapes.  I quite often pick up cheap deals on luxury self-catering because people tend to want to stay for at least a long weekend.  When there's the odd night going spare, I swoop in and get a greatly reduced deal.

It was very modern (not my usual thing), but it was exceptionally spacious (two bedrooms, three bathrooms!), well equipped, and on a quiet site in the pretty countryside from which you could just about glimpse the sea.  The rain moved in that evening, so we stayed in and stayed cosy.  The bath had coloured lights around the bottom, which was quite fun, and Chris cooked a lovely birthday-eve dinner for me.

My birthday morning dawned a bit brighter than the heavy rain we'd had overnight.  Waking early (as I seem to do, even when a lie-in is warranted), I decided I would start the day as I'd like my 40th decade to continue, with fresh air and exercise.  I was feeling contemplative, and my solution is always a brisk walk!  I wasn't feeling melancholy about the age itself, or about ageing, but these milestones seem to be a natural point to reflect on what you've done with your life so far and what you want to do next.  The "what next?" question has been on my mind since finishing my PhD.

I felt much better after a nice long walk.  The countryside was very pretty, and I didn't need the umbrella after all.  We headed back to our accommodation for a bumper breakfast, before hitting the road once more.  To get the most out of renewing my National Trust membership, we had planned a stop on the way to Burgh Island.  I picked the country house Saltram, which is just outside of Plymouth.

After a walk around the house, I'd really wanted to explore the beautifully planted gardens, but unfortunately the rain moved in again.  Even the cows were sheltering under the trees.  
 We beat a retreat to the cafe for lunch instead, to warm up.  We were also conscious of not letting ourselves get too bedraggled before later going to Burgh Island.  It wouldn't have done to turn up soggy and windswept!

That's almost it for the Devon trip, but we did squeeze in one more National Trust visit on the way home.  I'll save that for another post...


  1. Your luxury self-catering accomodation looks and sounds amazing, even if it was a little modern for your taste. The bath with the coloured lights sounds fun, if a little bit decadent ;-) Shame about the weather, but at least you were able to go for a nice long country walk. We've been to Devon twice, and I really loved it, even if it rained some of the time! Never made it to Saltram House, though. I guess you can always go back to view the garden some other time. Looking forward to seeing which other property you visited. xxx

  2. Saltram looks gorgeous, love the garden planting.
    What a swish looking place to stay with a bath complete with disco lights. I bet not many people can lay claim to bathing in one of those on the eve of their 40th!
    The walk looks wonderful as does your stylish walking attire. Blasted weather! It's relentless, isn't it? It better go before Glasto! xxx

  3. omg beautiful photos! this looks stunnning!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  4. Happy belated birthday! Also, this place looks simply magical. I love it.


  5. That bath looks like a UFO - bubble me up, Matey!

    The weather has been the pits everywhere recently, such a shame you had the rain for your trip. You look very stylish, despite being ready for the weather!

  6. My fave picture here is that of you on the fence, the lighting and backdrop and amazing Porcelina.


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