Thursday, 12 September 2019

Capture the Castle

Where did the summer go?  September always seems to arrive sooner that I anticipate.  I've had a few weeks (well-deserved) time off work, and Chris and I headed to the coast of West Wales for a few days.  On the list of things to do was a trip to Cilgerran Castle.  It wasn't too far from our friend's caravan where we were staying, so we headed there armed only with a small picnic rather than medieval weaponry.

The two huge round towers remain, having stood watch since the 13th century when the castle was constructed.  The rest of the castle is in considerable ruins, but the location on the side of a gorge overlooking the Teifi river is really rather spectactular.  Chris and I perched ourselves on top of a wall to enjoy a rest after climbing the vertiginous spiral staircase - the view kept us there for some time.

Wearing 1970s shirt, boots and leather jacket, vintage Polaroid sunglasses, Laura Ashley pinafore dress, Lucy K bag.

The shirt is from the 1970s, but new-to-me.  It's a man's shirt, judging from the label (collar size in inches) and the way it buttons.  At first glimpse of the subdued colours I was not enamoured, but Chris pointed out the voluminous cuffed sleeves and exaggerated collar, and persuaded me to try it on.  Perfect fit!  I had to keep it and admit my first instinct had been wrong (always annoying).  I can see the shirt working with wide-leg trousers too for work, so although I'm always trying to slim down and refine my wardrobe, this looks like a keeper for a while.

I've definitely got that 'back to school' feeling now that our holiday is over.  I'm moving departments within the university in a few weeks' time, so it's rather hectic, trying to tie up lots of loose ends and clear my office of over 7 years' stuff!  I'll explain more about the partially new job in another post, as it's still not 100% clear at this point exactly what I'll be doing.  I'm just grateful to have a contract extension, as it was only last week that my contract was finally processed to extend past 31st September for six months.  It's just the way things work in academia, so that might sound stressful, but I'm used to things being a bit last minute now and I don't allow it to phase me.  I suppose I'm optimistic too, and have faith that things will work out.

What's your autumn looking like?  Do you have travel plans or is it all 'back to school'?


  1. What a dramatic setting and view!

    You guys are always so well dressed.

    We've been off on trips for the last month every weekend. Just arrived back from NY. Now I'm in prep mode for a vintage clothing show. It's all work for a while but I can say I really enjoyed my summer.


  2. What a treat this post is, especially as yet again it brings back happy holiday memories for me, as we've been to Cilgerran Castle. That willow knight wasn't there back then, though, just us and a man with a dog. And it was quite chilly even though it was in the middle of Spring. Hardly any leaves on the trees too. But back to you and your trip. What a perfect outfit. I'm loving both the pinafore dress, 1970s shirt and those fab boots. And yes, I think the shirt would look absolutely divine with wide-legged trousers. I can't believe it's September already either. Summer went far too quickly, surely! xxx

  3. As I am looking to your photos, I want to go back to Wales! So gorgeous there, so dramatic!But we went to Sussex! Haha, nothing dramatic there but we love Rye! It's back to school here too, normal life has started!

  4. What a magnificent backdrop Cilgerran castle makes. The willow knight is fantastic.
    Love your striped shirt (Chris has a great eye!), it's perfect with the pinafore dress and boots. xxx

  5. What an amazing setting, I love having a September holiday (once all the kids are back at school) we were away this weekend and super lucky with the weather.

  6. Ah, I look forward to hearing about your new job! Work in academia does seem very precarious.

    I'm off to Bordeaux this weekend; can't wait - though I won't be taking anything as groovy as that skirt.

  7. I think you've summarised why I work *with* academics not as one - my inner control freak couldn't handle that ;) Exciting for you though! And I will admit to being pretty envious you can style out a men's shirt this well - those sleeves! xx


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