Sunday, 6 October 2019

Sun's Out, Suede's Out

This week I started a new job!  This is quite a change, after nearly 8 years in my old one.  I am still working for the university, but in a different building, with a different team, working on some new projects alongside continuing some of the old.  My new role is in a mental health research unit, famous for its brain research. You might have seen the documentary a few years ago with singer Charlotte Church, "Inside my brain", which featured some of the work done there.  I am very excited.

Of course, change comes with upheaval.  In my last job I was lucky to have had a huge office all to myself for a few years, and that meant I accumulated quite a bit of stuff.  It was quite a mission clearing it out, wandering around the building with plastic jugs, teacup and saucer sets, uplighters, old books and unopened packets of green tea in undesirable flavours, seeing if my colleagues wanted them before I made a trip to the charity shop.  My new office is open-plan, shared with colleagues, and there isn't as much space, so the clear-out really was necessary!  I am still making trips between my old and new buildings, ferrying folders and such across.

Anyway, the change in jobs has meant that I've been making the most of my precious free time and spending it 'offline' as much as possible, either gardening, meeting friends, or seizing fine weather days to go for countryside walks.  Today was the most gorgeous day, so Chris and I headed out to a favourite local spot to stretch our legs.  The October light really was beautiful, there's a softness to it at this time of year.

Chris in his Autumn best: 'Super Regent' vintage boots by Sanders, Hollister jeans, Remus Uomo coat, Christy's cap.

Wearing my Christy's fedora, Bally bag, J Shoes boots, me-made dress, '60s necklace and '60s suede coat.

The final photo is an 'outtake' - I'd put my hand against the tree, only to recoil in horror when I withdrew it to find a mini slug on it!  I shook it off - rather audibly and animatedly - only to find a minute later that it had simply moved to a different finger.  My screams echoed around the forest...  It seems that any outings to the countryside lately are not without these comedy moments!


  1. Oh, these photos are utterly magical! Yesterday was gorgeous here, too - unlike today, depressing is an understatement!
    Love your suede coat and that last photo made me giggle.
    Hope the new job's going well. xxx

  2. You two are some of the most stylish hikers I've ever seen.

    Ick! I hate slugs. I can understand your reaction.

    Your new job sounds very interesting.


  3. Good luck in your new job! What a lovely spot you've chosen to stretch your legs. It seems that your weather is much, much better than ours. We've hardly seen the sun for weeks! Your suede coat is magnificent, and I'm loving both yours and Chris's outfits. That last photo made me smile, but I have to confess I'd reacted the same! xxx

  4. Ha ha, you're a real nature lover! But what a gorgeous photos. Perfect scenery to stress out! Congratulations on your new job!

  5. Ugh slugs! I'm ok with many creatures but the gooey ones are another story.

    I hope the new job gets off to a good start!

  6. The slug photos made me laugh - you look great even when you're shrieking! Congrats on the new job; I hope it's all going really well for you. I'm guessing the poor suede coat hasn't had many outings over the past week...

  7. Congrats on this new opportunity ! The clearing process must have been an intense one, I can totally relate.
    Great shots :)


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