Sunday, 17 November 2019


A 'babymoon' is a newfangled term for a relaxed getaway for expectant parents before the baby arrives.  I am not sure our trip to Pembrokeshire last weekend entirely counts, as it was based around Chris's work, but it probably was the last time that we'll be away before the baby arrives.  Some of it was relaxing, for me at least, but Chris may need another weekend to recover!

Our destination on the Friday was the pretty coastal town of St David's, home of a cathedral, and a decent live music scene thanks to some passionate locals.  Chris was playing that night at the local RAFA club, so we arrived early enough for him to do sound-check, while I had a power nap at the B&B (I have got to the stage where I do need a nap if I'm expected to stay up past 9pm).  We then had dinner with our lovely hosts Steve and Orla - who not only run the fabulous Ty Boia B&B but also put on the music nights - and headed off to the venue.  The main act was Nashville singer-songwriter Erin Rae, who I hadn't listened to beforehand, but was very impressed with.  Gorgeous voice!  It was spellbinding in such a small venue.  The evening was a success for everyone involved.

The next day, we took a short drive to Whitesands Bay.  Don't be fooled by these pictures, it was blowing a gale and very cold.

We'd headed there deliberately to try and recreate a poster that we have at home from the Pembrokeshire tourist board (pictured below), with a couple standing overlooking the beach on a breezy yet balmy day.  The first challenge occurred when I realised that the point at which the couple are standing was quite some way up from the beach along a steep path.  Going uphill is a bit draining for me at the moment, so my heart sank, but the decision was made for me when it suddenly started raining, and I beat a hasty retreat to the car.  Maybe we'll have another attempt in the summer next year.

The rain was showing no signs of letting up, so we abandoned any further attempts at coastal adventures and instead headed inland, stopping in the town of Haverfordwest to dart into the charity shops.  We weren't doing very well, but then in the last shop Chris found a CC41 coat that fits him superbly, so it was worth it.

In the town of Wolfscastle we stopped for a pub lunch at Wolfe Inn.  The place was packed, and we soon realised that everyone was there for their popular daytime menu, where every meal was under £7 and you got a free cup of tea or coffee with it.  It was great value, and a cosy choice for such a cold day.  Heading up the road, we checked in to the Wolfscastle Country Hotel.  It was a bit of an odd mix of old and new, with rooms partly refurbished.  Perfectly comfortable for the night.  From our room, most of the view was obstructed by a roof, but standing on the window seat you could see over the top to local viewpoint Treffgarne Rocks.

Wearing a nightgown from Kiss Me Deadly, that still fits!  Bias cut is a saviour!

We had a change of pace planned for the afternoon, with some spa treatments booked in.  I think this was what I had really needed all day.  I had a pregnancy massage with mini facial, and Chris had a back massage.  I came out of my treatment floating and glowing, it was really fabulous.  Chris, however, looked a bit... pained.  It turned out that he'd suffered in silence for most of a really strenuous Swedish massage before asking if it could be a bit more gentle.  He'd then gone into the outdoor hot tub, but the gale force wind had returned, so while his submerged body was okay, his head was being bent sideways by the wind.  Venturing next down to the sauna, he forgot to put his towel down first, and his thigh made contact with a protruding metal screwhead in the bench, causing a moment of alarm at the red hot contact.  He'd found the whole experience anything but relaxing.  At least he could have some wine afterwards!

The evening meal was then a bit of a let-down.  The hotel has a good reputation for food, with two AA Rosettes.  However, we were a bit put-off by the ultra modern refurbishment of the brasserie.  It was such a dark and cold night, and the dining room seemed a bit stark, with cold blue LED lighting and a grey colour scheme.  Very far removed from the cosy country hotel image that I had in mind.  Somehow then - in what was in retrospect an error - we decided to go back down the road to the pub we'd been to earlier.  Except that wasn't right either.  The atmosphere was completely different from lunch, it had emptied out, there was no music, their lighting was a bit bright and they hadn't lit their fire.  Too hungry by that point to change our minds yet again, we stayed.  The food was a bit of a disappointment, being a bit more Sunday lunch rather than Saturday night.  I also ordered a children's dessert by accident, which was all sweetness and no flavour...  We didn't go to bed hungry, but we were a bit remorseful - not our finest decision-making!

The next day the weather had cleared up, so we drove to the nearest parking spot to Treffgarne Rocks and thought we'd have an autumnal stroll.  To my dismay, we were greeted with a very, very steep hill.  It's a bit exasperating for me, as while I am still going to my yoga and spin classes, and walk every day, I find steep hills and stairs really hard work.  I admitted defeat.  The rocks will have to wait for another time.  It was time then to head off to one of my seaside favourites, the town of Tenby.  I had plenty of time for a stroll around and a Pembrokeshire pasty while Chris got set up for his gigs, as part of the annual Tenby Blues Festival.

I did enjoy the little burst of seaside air, but it was a long day - especially for Chris who was lugging guitars, playing, and then doing all the driving  - so when we finally got home that evening we both collapsed into bed.

So, is Chris getting any relaxation this weekend?  Well not entirely, as he's been installing insulation under the bay window in our bedroom, so has been on his knees for the best part of two days hacking away old plaster.  The food's better today though - on the menu is roast chicken with celeriac wedges, blitzed kale and a celery gratin.  Who needs AA rosettes anyway?


  1. Oh what a bummer when food isn't what you've hoped for! It doesn't sound like a very good get away. But the better it is to be at home!

  2. You've visited some of my favourite haunts, even if two of them were work related for your husband. I love that poster of Whitesands Bay, and indeed, it's quite a climb until you get that view towards Ramsey Island. I can imagine you were glad the rain offered an excuse. You'd have to do it in the Summer at some point, as it's a lovely walk with the most amazing views! Chris's massage experience sounds really unpleasant, but how fabulous that he found a CC41 coat in one of Haverfordwest's chazzas. Baby bump or not, you are looking gorgeous in that nightgown! xxx

  3. You look beautiful in your nightgown, so glamorous!
    I've never heard of a Babymoon but what a brilliant idea. It's been years since I visited Pembrokeshire but I recognised it immediately. Such a stunning part of the world.You certainly captured the feel of that travel poster in your lovely photos. Such a shame it wasn't as fabulous as you'd both anticipated.
    Hope you're both rested, relaxed and well-fed now. xxxx

  4. I had never heard of this term before, but it makes sense and its a great excuse to take a break.

  5. It sounds a very mixed weekend of the lovely and the frustrating - but at least you'll have lots of stories to tell the tot one day!

  6. Too bad not everything turned out how you hoped for this trip. I hope that you'll be able to return in the future to recreate that poster!


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