Thursday, 26 December 2019

Express Delivery for Christmas

Those of you on Instagram may have already seen that our baby arrived early!  He was far too excited about Christmas to wait any longer.  Welcome to the world, Otis Dylan Rees.  Born at home (unexpectedly!) on 14th December at 5.52pm, weighing 5lbs 13oz.

Chris and I both had a feeling that the baby would come early, but we didn't anticipate just how early.  I'd only finished work the week before, and we still had a long to-do list before baby was due, but we thought we had plenty of time (at least a couple of weeks).  We shirked some baby-preparation responsibilities in favour of getting into the festive spirit instead and enjoying ourselves.  The day before the birth, we'd been to our local heritage park, and in the evening I'd gone to my yoga class Christmas party at the local golf club.

The next day, Chris and I were out and about for the day, ticking things off our to-do lists.  I felt restless all day and a strong urge to get back home as soon as possible, but I didn’t notice that I was actually in the early stage of labour!  

When we got home, I realised something was happening - but everything then unfolded so incredibly swiftly (in just over an hour) that we didn't have time to drive to the hospital.  So that's how I ended up giving birth in our hallway at home.  The baby was swiftly caught like a rugby ball by Chris in a towel (though I wish he hadn't used the 'best' towels).  The paramedics and midwife arrived soon after that to look after us.  It was such a powerful and awe-inspiring experience, I felt like Superwoman, like a goddess!  I feel so lucky that I experienced an instinctive, non-medicalised birth in my own home, which is what I'd really wanted from the start.  (I know not everyone is interested in birth stories, so I won't go into more detail here, but I will post the full story on my Instagram at some point as I feel strongly about sharing positive stories rather than scare-mongering ones!)

Soon after giving birth to little Otis

Because Otis was early (a 'late pre-term' baby), we were then taken by ambulance to hospital, where we stayed for 4 nights for neonatal observations.  The team that looked after us - doctors, midwives, nursery nurses, and breastfeeding experts - gave us such fantastic care while we were there.  Obviously nobody wants to be in hospital, but it turned out to be a positive thing to make sure that Otis was okay, and to give us expert support with feeding (which is a bit more complicated with an early baby).  We were so glad to be released home though from the windowless cubicle we inhabited!

As you can imagine, it was a very different kind of Christmas for us this year, but in the most wonderful way!  Chris cooked a full Christmas lunch and we stayed at home just the three of us with no particular schedule (well, apart from feeding).  Otis is doing well, we're fattening him up as much as possible before we take him outside in the cold or introduce him to many other people.  I've surprised myself by really enjoying the hibernation that having a tiny newborn enforces, as it's also forcing me to take the time to rest, something I'm not naturally inclined to do.

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas, however you chose to celebrate.


  1. Welcome little Otis! What a story - and one I'm sure you'll be telling Otis many times in years to come! I'm so pleased for you that you had the birth that you wanted, and I do understand your need to write about your positive experience to counter all the horror stories out there. You and Chris are looking radiantly happy, and I'm sure you're the best parents Otis could have hoped for! xxx

  2. What an amazing story! No doubt you felt like Superwoman!

    Happy Christmas to you and your newly expanded family.


  3. Oh my goodness! What a birth! Welcome to the world Otis! Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth you want to be born! Congratulations to the both of you! Well done.

  4. Otis really is a little Christmas miracle! Well done to all three of you. What an amazing entrance to the world.
    You're looking absolutely amazing. I hope all three of you had a wonderfully relaxing Xmas. xxx

  5. Oh how wonderful and well done you, congratulations to you all. How gorgeous is your wee man?? I'm so glad you got to have him at home as you wanted. My sister in law had a pretty similar situation with her first and other than feeling she had to go round and apologize to the neighbours for her very loud swearing throughout (they lived in the middle of a terrace) was so happy to have given birth at home too. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures and much love to you all. xx

  6. Congratulations! The very best Christmas gift :)

  7. I saw your IG post, but it's nice to hear more about him - you've got such a lovely family there! And how great that it was all such a positive experience. Happy christmas!

  8. Congratulations! A very happy New Year to you all.

  9. Congratulations! And, yes you are Superwoman AND a goddess!!


  10. What a story ! OMG congrats and no doubt you are a superwoman :) HNY.


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