Monday, 9 December 2019

Let the Hibernation Begin!

I have finished work!  I am now a lady of leisure until the baby arrives.  The last month demanded a lot of effort, to make sure that I could leave my projects in a fit state to be handed over.  My colleagues were wonderfully supportive, and with a bit of flexible working around antenatal appointments and pregnancy-related ailments, they helped me over the finish line.  I really love my new job, so it was with mixed emotions that I left on Friday, knowing that it could be up to a year until I return.  Having said that, I won't miss the cramped train commute (with nobody offering a seat...),  the leaving the house early on dark mornings, and having to find clothes that fit at this stage of pregnancy and look vaguely professional.

Today was a cold, crisp day, and I was glad of this lovely and warm cashmere blend coat, that was a summer car boot sale buy for a fiver.  It's now straining at the buttons over my 36 week bump, I am not sure it will last another week.  The gloves were also a car boot sale buy, an eagle-eyed spot by Chris who noticed the CC41 label, dating them to the 1940s.  I paid 50p, and they've been such a wardrobe staple.  They match the shade of brown in a few pairs of boots I own, including these new-to-me boots from Jones the Bootmaker, charity-shopped for £6.99.

It's not all been work.  I have enjoyed catching up with friends over long lunches, and Chris and I went to see Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (one of the oddest gigs I've ever been to!).  I'm going to take a more relaxed pace now over the festive period - I'd like to do some arts and crafts, watch films, stay cosy in front of the woodburner, and generally make the most of Chris and I having time (and sleep) to ourselves.  If this clear and sunny weather holds, I'm sure we will have some walks or National Trust visits too.  I'll leave you for now with some snaps of winter in our garden.  Winter may feel bleak, but it is still beautiful.

I realise there's not much outfit excitement in this post, so I will try and bring on the glamour a bit in my next.  I have 3 Christmas parties to go to in the next week!


  1. Do make sure to enjoy your days as a lady of leisure! I can understand the mixed feelings of leaving behind your job though, especially as it's for longer than a mere holiday. Your are looking absolutely gorgeous in your lovely red coat (I've been on the hunt for a decent red winter coat myself), and how absolutely amazing to have found a pair of CC41 gloves, and for 50p and all! Looking forward to seeing your festive outfits! xxx

  2. That's quite a bump! And you look gorgeous! Enjoy!


  3. You look stunning, pregnancy really suits you. I bet you're loving the rest. I'm horrified that nobody stood up for you on the commute. What on earth is happening with society?
    Mansfield! He wasn't known as the King of Coats for nothing! Mum used to spend hours in the branch in Birmingham when I was a child, their stuff was dead trendy but top quality.
    Can't wait to see your party gear! xxx

  4. I agree with Vix that a) you look absolutely blooming in your fabulous coat and b) what the heck is wrong with people?? I despair.

  5. Lovely in that bright coat Porcelina ! OMG that baby has grown so fast.

  6. You look so warm and snug! Wishing you a smooth and uncomplicated birth! <3


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