Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Actually Leaving the House

It seems such a simple thing, leaving the house.  Mornings now are a little slow to say the least, after waking every hour or two during the night to nurse.  This is very alien to me as pre-baby I was a morning person and bounded out of bed and out the front door, ticking off 10 things from my to-do list by 9am.  In the mornings now you'll find me groggily sat still in pyjamas, cuddling Otis and not getting to drink the tea I made.  It's taken me days to find the time to write this blog post, in snatched moments in between feeds, nappies and cuddles.  Newborn days skip by quickly, so I'm embracing this precious time.

We all need a bit of sunshine and fresh air though, so with the weekend's fine weather we thought it was about time we took Otis for his first visit to a National Trust property.  We headed to local house, Dyffryn.  It was a chance to put the pram's off-road capabilities to the test in the gardens.

Expect to see me in this red coat for the forseeable future, nothing bloomin' fits anymore!

What a glorious day it was, I was so happy to see some blue sky, after weeks of really wet and horrid weather that had left me with cabin fever.  We had a good stroll around the gardens, and the pram was brilliant.  It coped really well with muddy paths, boggy grass, hills and everything else we put it through.  £40 well spent, bought through a local selling page (bargain - the current model is currently retailing for £900+ in John Lewis!).  Other than testing out the pram, I also wanted to try nursing in public for the first time.  I thought a National Trust property is full of families and nobody would be likely to bat an eyelid - Otis had other ideas though and slept soundly through our entire visit.  I ended up feeding in public for the first time in a supermarket cafe yesterday instead, which didn't have the same level of grandeur as feeding in a leather wing-back chair in an oak-panelled room at Dyffryn would have.

I can't believe he's 5 weeks' old already!  I am biased, but look how gorgeous he is.  I wish I could say that I dress him up in stylish and coordinated outfits every day but when he needs an outfit change after a poonami at 5am, after he's had me up every 2 hours through the night for feeding, I just grab the nearest clean onesie.  The stylish outfits will come in time I'm sure.  I'm hoping that the same goes for me - I am left with very little to wear that a) still fits, given my expansion in certain areas and b) is nursing friendly.  No outfit posts here for some time folks!


  1. Glad to see you're all looking happy and healthy - happiness is the best accessory; no need to worry about outfit posts!

  2. Oh that's perfectly alright, because I love the photos of Otis and the two of you!

  3. You are definitely looking radiant, in spite of the broken nights! Motherhood definitely suits you, and so does that red coat, so I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of outfit photos! And aww look at little Otis! He really is the most gorgeous baby! xxx


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