Sunday, 29 March 2020

Lockdown Days

Lockdown with a baby is never dull!  I've really enjoyed reading other people's lockdown diaries, and so while it's nigh on impossible for me to find enough time to do a daily account, I have managed to frantically type a summary of the last week.

A week ago today, Mothering Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. I'd bought a new-to-me dress for the planned afternoon tea with my mum, and decided to wear it anyway around the house after our decision to postpone. I dressed the baby in a powder blue vintage style babygro that was a gift from one of my nieces.  My dress was a mail order from Vintage Vixen of Newark, via their Instagram page.  It went beautifully with my bright pink tights and headscarf.  I think I'll get a fair bit of wear out of it - it fits all of my carefully considered Spring criteria: feeding access, Spring colours to fend off any lingering winter, long sleeves as it's never that warm in a British Spring, and short length as it's often wet or windy or both, and I can't abide soggy fabric flapping about my legs.

The fine weather continued over the past week, so Chris and I have got stuck into some gardening, mainly in shifts while the other entertains the baby.  Last year, Chris did some major work, terracing a sloping area (entirely by hand!) and reclaiming our borders from grass and weeds.  Of course, a winter and early Spring of doing no more work in it has set it back a little again.  We are slowly introducing more plants to fill the spaces, but it will be a few months yet before it stops looking so bare.  We also got a battered a bit by the storms and floods, so some waterlogged areas of lawn will need to be re-seeded or have fresh turf laid.

Last September

Now (March)

There are some small pockets of the garden that I've been attending to.  There are some lovely Spring flowers, and I have worked hard on maintaining my herb garden.  We have rosemary, sage, chives, marjoram, oregano, and three varieties of thyme (lemon, orange, and one with a decorative leaf).  There is also tarragon waiting to burst up again after its winter hibernation, and a few dormant varieties of mint, including a chocolate mint (amazing for desserts) and 'eau de cologne' which is fantastic for putting in the bath, or making tea with.

My little herb garden

Another job for me has been sorting clothes. I went up the attic to retrieve some clothes from their pregnancy exile, and found the time whilst the baby napped to try them on.  Most clothes need to go straight back up to the attic, but I found a dress and a pair of trousers that I can actually get into.  I also managed to sort through some baby clothes, relegating the outgrown items to a box for the attic.  To illustrate how much the baby has grown in the three and a half months since he was born, the photo below shows the slightly too-big babygro that he wore en route to hospital after the birth on the left, and his current size on the right.  The tiny babygro actually makes me weep every time I see it.

Chris has been doing some DIY outside, refinishing some furniture for the baby's room.  The furniture is solid wood but had a bit of an ugly varnish on, which he's removing.  He's completed the chest of drawers, and is halfway through the bedside table.  I'll post proper before and after pictures when it's fully done.

On fine days we've been wrapping the baby up snugly and taking him outside in his cot or chair to let him gaze up at the trees while we potter around.  The light has been absolutely gorgeous.  In the early evening we've been sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs, enjoying these little tranquil moments.

One of the perks of being up at all hours of the night with a baby is that I managed to get an elusive online delivery slot from the local supermarket.  Our order arrived yesterday, on time, with no contact whatsoever from the delivery driver.  Chris and I then wiped down everything with cleaning wipes before bringing it into the house.  So, we are stocked up with nappies, phew!

We're certainly finding enough to fill our days.  Feeding, changing, and entertaining the baby takes up most of my time, and when he naps there is no shortage of other things to do.  I've done countless loads of laundry this week, baked a cake, reorganised some kitchen cupboards, popped some seeds in the windowsill propagator, and taken part in an Instagram live fitness class.  We're also doing lots of video calls with my parents and Chris's mum, so that they can see Otis.  We don't want them to miss out, as he's growing so fast and changing every day.

I hope you are all safe and well, and are finding ways to use your time positively!


  1. Indeed quite busy, but I see you are making the best of it. Chris has also been doing a lot :)
    Your garden is looking quite beautiful. Good vibes your way.

    1. Sending good vibes back to you Lorena! I hope you are staying safe and well x

  2. Oh my, how Otis has grown! That's quite a difference in size, isn't it? I can understand looking at that tiny babygro is making you weep, though. Time does fly by, doesn't it, even in these surreal times. I'm loving your first Mother's Day photos with Otis. You do look radiant, and that dress and pink tights and hair scarf are definitely a sight for sore eyes. Loving the nursing photo, with you and Otis in matching outfits, too! xxx

    1. I think I'd like to try some lime green tights with that dress next if I can get hold of any! These small things are keeping me going, even though I admit they're completely trivial. You've got to find joy in times like these! Xxx

  3. Oh I have serious garden envy! Please share more photos as the year and your work on it progresses. How gorgeous is your wee man?? Though not so wee any more judging by the difference in size of those babygros.
    I'm glad you managed to get a delivery slot they have been like gold dust. Your Mother's day outfit is so springlike I love it. x

    1. I certainly can share more garden photos, I wasn't sure if anybody would be interested but your request will be honoured!! There is certainly plenty to do and more time to do it now we're at home. X

  4. Such gorgeous photos - I can't believe how much Otis has grown!
    Your Mothering Sunday dress is lovely and a perfect choice for Spring with the ink tights. The breastfeeding picture is beautiful. Chris has done a fantastic job with the garden, that must have been a backbreaking task. The furniture project looks good, can't wait to see how that turns out.
    I really enjoyed reading how you've been spending your time.
    How exciting to get a grocery delivery slot, we were dancing around the kitchen when Jon happened on one for us (which we're sharing with a friend). Isn't it funny how the most mundane things are making us happy? Take care all three of you and keep posting! xxx

    1. It is indeed about going back to the simple things in these strange times. I am trying to write three positive things from my day every night before bed. I woke Chris at 4am to tell him about our delivery slot, I was elated!! Xx

  5. Wow, Chris has been busy - that terrace in the garden is really impressive. I'm so glad you and your families are all safe; I've been thinking of you as south-east Wales seems to be a bit of a hotspot.

    That 60s dress is a smasher. I hope Otis inherits his mum's sense of style!

  6. Otis seems to be adopting your style! Your garden is looking lovely. And as for that dress - wow, wow. It is so you and with those amazingly pink tights, it must rank as one of the looks most suited to you ever! I am not absolutely certain lime green would be quite the same, but we'll wait and see. Good to see you looking so happy and lovely and as stylish as ever.


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